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  • Potential and Kinetic Energy.

  • The law of conservation of energy.

  • Energy cannot be created.

  • Energy cannot be destroyed.

  • It can only be converted from one form to another.

  • Conversion of Energy.

  • Solar Energy.

  • Electrical Energy.

  • Mechanical Energy.

  • Potential Energy.

  • Energy due to position.

  • Potential Energy.

  • Kinetic Energy.

  • due to motion.

  • The unit of energy is Joules.

  • When we hold the tire on one side.

  • It has a certain amount of potential energy.

  • When it is released.

  • Potential energy starts getting converted to kinetic energy.

  • As the tire moves back and forth.

  • Kinetic energy gets converted to potential energy.

  • The formula for potential energy is mgh, M is equal to Mass, g is equal to gravitational acceleration and h is equal to height.

  • At the top of a tree, the potential energy possessed by is is equal to mgh.

  • m is equal to 30 kg.

  • g is equal to 9.8 metres per second square.

  • h is equal to 20 metres.

  • Potential energy is equal to mgh, which is equal to 30 into 9.8 into 20, which is equal to 5880 J.

  • At the top of tree, kinetic energy is equal to 0.

  • When we fall, potential energy starts getting converted to kinetic energy.

  • Just before we land, all potential energy gets converted to kinetic energy.

  • To calculate kinetic energy, kinetic energy is equal to 1 upon 2 into m into v square, where m is equal to mass and v is equal to velocity.

  • The End.

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Potential and Kinetic Energy.

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