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  • How does an owl fly so silently?

  • Because of a soundproof jacket.

  • No.

  • Usually, when birds fly, they make sound.

  • This is because when they flap their wings, the wings create violent, unsteady movements in air.

  • This is called turbulence.

  • Turbulence produces sound.

  • However, an owl's wings have some special features that help it to fly silently.

  • What features?

  • The leading edge of an owl's wing has feathers that are serrated like a comb.

  • When an owl flies, these serrations break air into smaller streams.

  • Then, as the smaller streams of air move towards the trailing edge.

  • The soft fringe on the trailing edge breaks up the smaller streams even more.

  • This causes very less turbulence, thus creating very little sound.

  • However,

  • Even this little sound produced by turbulence is absorbed.

  • By the velvety feathers present on an owl's wings and legs.

  • Thus helping owls to fly silently.

How does an owl fly so silently?

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