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  • Why do dogs lick their wounds?

  • Dogs including animals like cats, chimpanzees, rodents etc. don't have access to a proper medical treatment.

  • Hence, a little licking helps to heal and clean the wound.

  • What?

  • But how?

  • When dogs lick, they apply saliva on their wounds.

  • This saliva has antiviral and antibacterial compounds like an enzyme called lysozyme.

  • Lysozyme destroys cell walls of certain bacteria and helps kill them, thus preventing infection.

  • The saliva also contains a protein called tissue factor which promotes blood clotting and thus, stops bleeding.

  • Besides this, licking also removes dirt from the wound.

  • So, dogs should always lick their wounds.

  • No.

  • Excess licking is not beneficial.

  • This is because a dog's saliva can also contain harmful pathogens.

  • They could aggravate the wound and make it more painful.

  • Hence, now a days, dogs are made to wear an Elizabethan collar to prevent them from licking.

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Why do dogs lick their wounds? | #aumsum

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