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  • Our topic for today is Chromatography.

  • Please take my cup.

  • Please get me the schedule.

  • Does black ink consist of only black color or any other color as well?

  • Let us find out by the process of paper chromatography.

  • Chromatography is a technique of separating two or more dissolved solids which are present in a solution in very small quantities.

  • Wake up.

  • Please come here.

  • Yes.

  • Please wake him up.

  • Do something. Wake him up.

  • Take a strip of filter paper.

  • Draw a line with a pencil close to the lower edge of the paper.

  • No response.

  • Please call the dropper.

  • Please wake him up.

  • Put a small drop of ink on the center of the line.

  • Let it dry for sometime.

  • No response.

  • Call Mr. Smart.

  • Please wake him up.

  • Take a jar containing some water.

  • Put the filter paper in it such that the drop of ink is just above the water level.

  • No Response.

  • After sometime, the water starts gradually rising up by capillary action.

  • As the water moves up, it takes the dyes present in the ink along with it.

  • As the water rises up, we see different colors on paper. These are the different dyes present in the ink.

  • Different dyes have different solubility levels and travel at different speeds as the water rises up.

  • As a result, we see different colored strips at different heights and the dyes get separated.

  • Hence, paper chromatography is used to separate the different colors in a dye.

Our topic for today is Chromatography.

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