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Why do elephants never forget?
Because I take their homework every day.
It is because elephants have a relatively
high and impressive encephalization quotient.

Higher encephalization quotient means the brain is bigger than the size expected for an animal of its size.
Elephants have an EQ of about 1.88.
In comparison, humans have an EQ of about 7, rats about 0.4 while pigs about 0.27.
This shows that elephants have a relatively high EQ which makes their memory strong.
Moreover, an incident in Tennessee even proved this fact.
Two elephants, Jenny and Shirley were together for a few months in a circus.
When they reunited after 23 years, they became excited and started bellowing.
Indicating that they remembered each other.
Also, studies have shown that elephants remember the way to water sources even after a long period of time.
Topic: Cheese.
Why does Swiss cheese have holes?
Those are not holes.
They are eyes of the cheese.
Cheese is made from milk.
Milk contains a sugar called lactose which is very important in the formation of cheese.
Now while making Swiss cheese, bacteria like S. Thermophilus, Lactobacillus and P. Shermani are added to milk.
Bacteria are added to milk?
However, they are good bacteria.
Out of these bacteria, the S. Thermophilus and Lactobacillus first convert the lactose into lactic acid, producing curd.
Then after undergoing certain processes.
When the curd is kept for maturing, the P. Shermani bacteria consumes the lactic acid.
Releases carbon dioxide gas.
Being trapped, the carbon dioxide gas forms bubbles.
Eventually, when we cut the cheese, the bubbles pop, resulting in holes in the Swiss cheese.
Why do old books smell so good?
Because books secretly apply perfume.
Smell of old books is basically because of paper and ink in those books.
Paper is primarily made up of wood.
Wood is made up of organic compounds like cellulose and lignin.
Over the years, these compounds react to heat, light and moisture, and begin to breakdown releasing VOCs.
VOCs means vanilla orange cakes, right?
VOCs stand for volatile organic compounds.
These compounds easily vaporize and mix in the air, thus forming the smell of old books.
Now, there are different types of VOCs.
A volatile organic compound called vanillin gives vanilla like smell.
Another VOC benzaldehyde gives almond like smell.
Ethyl benzene gives a sweet smell.
In short, the combination of various compounds makes old books smell so good.
Why do we have different time zones?
Because we have different watches.
Our earth rotates on its own axis.
Due to this rotation, different parts of the earth receive different amounts of sunlight.
Thus causing morning, noon, evening and night.
Now, if we had one time zone, then 12 pm would be noon at some places.
But it would be night or evening at other places which would be inconvenient.
Hence, scientists made different time zones according to the earth's rotation with respect to the sun.
But how?
The earth makes one full 360 degrees rotation in 24 hours.
This means in one hour, the earth moves by 15 degrees.
Using this information, scientist divided
the planet into 24 sections or time zones.

Each section or region was about 15 degrees wide and had a specific standard time.
This helped us know the proper time of the day in that part of the earth.
Topic: Respiration.
Why is it not good to sleep under a tree at night?
You look so tired.
Why don't you take rest here?
Please don't sleep under that tree.
It is quite harmful.
See, you are not able to breathe properly,

Do you know why?
Wait, I will tell you.
This is because during the day, in the presence of sunlight, plants take in carbon dioxide.
Release oxygen in the process of photosynthesis.
However, they even respire simultaneously.
In this process, plants take in oxygen and release carbon dioxide.
But the production of oxygen is more than the production of carbon dioxide.
Hence, if we sleep under a tree during daytime, we may get a good amount of oxygen, thus giving us a nice sleep.
However, at night, plants do not perform photosynthesis due to the absence of sunlight.
But respiration still goes on.
Hence, as compared to oxygen, the proportion of carbon dioxide around the trees is more.
Thus, if we sleep under a tree at night, we may feel suffocated due to lack of oxygen.
Moreover, inhalation of excess carbon dioxide is harmful to human beings.
Therefore, it is not good to sleep under a
tree at night.

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Why do Elephants Never Forget? | #aumsum

42 Folder Collection
AumSum published on April 15, 2019
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