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  • How do bees make honey?

  • No idea.

  • To make honey, the worker honeybee sucks nectar from flowers and stores it in its honey stomach.

  • Once the worker bee returns to the hive, it vomits the nectar into a processor honeybee's mouth.

  • In the processor bee's mouth and stomach, an enzyme called invertase is added to the nectar.

  • Invertase breaks some nectar into simple sugars like glucose and fructose.

  • Then it vomits the partially converted nectar into another processor bee's mouth.

  • Who also adds more invertase, helping breakdown more nectar.

  • This process goes on until most of the nectar is converted into simple sugars.

  • Then the mixture of simple sugars is stored in the honeycomb.

  • At this point, the mixture is still watery.

  • Hence, the bees flap their wings which evaporates water and thickens the mixture to eventually form honey.

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