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  • Why do your eyes turn red in the pool?

  • It is because of chlorine.

  • Chlorine is not the main reason for this.

  • Chlorine is added to water of swimming pools because it is a disinfectant.

  • It helps kill germs, thus keeping water germ-free.

  • In fact,

  • The main reason for our eyes to turn red is the presence of our bodily fluids like urine and sweat in the pool.

  • Urine and sweat contain nitrogenous compounds like urea.

  • Urea reacts with chlorine present in water, forming chloramines.

  • Now, if we regularly clean the swimming pools, then we can prevent the production of chloramines.

  • But if the pools are not cleaned, then the chloramines formed can irritate our eyes, thus making them red.

  • In addition to this, chloramines can evaporate from water.

  • Inhaling these chloramines for a long period can result in coughing, asthma and other health problems.

Why do your eyes turn red in the pool?

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