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Is sugar bad for you?
Because whenever I eat sugar, I get sweet dreams.
Now listen.
If we consume a lot of sugar, then it can
lead to serious health problems.

For example, a hormone called leptin tells our brain when to stop eating.
However, consuming excess fructose which is a type of sugar can cause leptin resistance.
A condition in which our brain does not respond to leptin.
Hence, we overeat, resulting in obesity.
Moreover, excess sugar is converted into a type of fat called triglycerides.
Triglycerides can enter the bloodstream and form fatty deposits or plaques in blood vessels.
Increasing the risk of heart attack, stroke, etc.
Excess sugar can even bind to collagen and elastin in our skin, damaging them.
Thus, making our skin saggy and wrinkly.
Studies have also shown that women who have one or more sugary drinks per day are more likely to develop diabetes.
Topic: Dandruff.
Why do we get dandruff?
Tearing of pages.
Dandruff is a condition in which our scalp sheds skin cells in the form of white flakes.
A yeast called Malassezia globosa, is one of the mostly accepted reasons for causing dandruff.
What a classy name it has.
Malassezia globosa is naturally present on our scalp.
It feeds on sebum and releases oleic acid.
Now, some people are sensitive to this oleic acid.
When it penetrates into the upper layers of their skin, it causes inflammation.
Hence, in response to this inflammation, their skin sheds a large number of skin cells at a higher rate.
These cells then join together forming white flakes, thus causing dandruff.
What is a tardigrade?
A tardigrade is one of the smallest animals.
It can grow only about 1 millimeter or less in length.
However, it is the toughest animal in the whole world.
It cannot be tougher than me.
Now listen.
Scientists say that tardigrades can survive in extremely inhospitable environments.
But how?
When the environment is inhospitable, the tardigrades enter a state called cryptobiosis.
In cryptobiosis, they curl up into a ball
like structure called tun.

All their metabolic processes almost stop.
In this state, tardigrades can survive in
about minus 459 degrees Fahrenheit.

Even in about 300 degrees Fahrenheit.
They can live deep in the oceans and withstand the huge pressure of water.
They can even survive in the vacuum of space and can withstand radiation.
Later, when the conditions are stable, they again come back to their normal form.
Why do our muscles get sore?
Because they want to go to a spa.
When we begin to go to gym or perform a new intense physical workout.
Our muscles begin to feel sore the next morning.
This soreness is called Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness or DOMS.
DOMS occurs usually after eccentric contractions.
What does that even mean?
When a muscle is lengthening and contracting at the same time, it is known as an eccentric contraction.
For example, when we lower a dumbbell, our biceps muscle is slowly relaxing and lengthening.
But at the same time, it is still contracting to hold the heavy weight of the dumbbell.
Similarly, in a squat, as we lower ourselves, our quadriceps muscle is lengthening.
But at the same time, it is still contracting to hold our upper body weight.
Such eccentric contractions generate tension in the muscles, creating minute tears in them.
Thus causing the soreness or pain.
Topic: Acid-Base Indicators.
Why does a turmeric stain turn red?
You got a stain on the shirt.
I know what you are thinking.
No, there is no point.
None of the 2 bottles are of any use.
Listen to me.
Don't wash the stain with the soapy solution.
The stain will turn red.
See, I told you.
Do you know why this happened?
This happened because the food which fell on the cloth had turmeric in it.
The color of turmeric is yellow.
It is a natural indicator which tells us whether a substance is an acid or a base.
Now, let us get back to those two bottles.
One contained lemon juice while one contained a soapy solution.
When we pour the lemon juice on the turmeric powder, we see that the color of turmeric powder is still yellow.
This is because lemon juice is an acid.
Turmeric does not change its color when it comes in contact with an acid.
Indicating that the lemon juice is an acid.
However, when we pour the soapy solution on the turmeric powder.
We see that the color of turmeric powder turns red.
This is because soap is a base.
When turmeric comes in contact with a base, it changes its color from yellow to red.
Indicating that the soapy solution is a base.
That is why a turmeric stain turns red when it comes in contact with any kind of base.
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Is Sugar bad for you? | #aumsum

59 Folder Collection
AumSum published on April 13, 2019
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