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It's AumSum Time
Hey guys.
Hold on.
Did you download my app from Google Play Store?
Remember, it's called ''It's AumSum Time''.
And follow my Facebook page.
Now, let's guess the title of my next video.
Because I told it to do so.
Because of the flame, the air around the candle is hot.
Rise hot air, as you are lighter.
Hurry up.
Write your guess in the comments section below.
Do bees dance?
I'm always invited.
Nectar-producing flowers.
Time to tell the otherrs.
Gather around everybody.
It's time for the waggle dance.
It looks like the figure 8.
Longer the dance, farther the flowers.
But, which direction dude?
The sun is here.
So, this is the direction of the flower with respect to the sun.
Let's go.
Topic: Rancidity
Why is a bag of chips half full?
Looks like you don't believe me.
Open the bag.
See I told you.
The bag of chips is indeed half full.
Why is that so?
It is mainly because of a concept called rancidity.
When food becomes rancid.
It develops an unpleasant smell and taste and it becomes unsafe for consumption.
Rancidity generally refers to a condition where the fats and oils present in food get oxidized
Resulting in food spoilage.
Since the chips contain fats and oils, they
are likely to get rancid.

Therefore, to prevent this, nitrogen gas is
flushed into bags of chips by manufacturers.

But, why nitrogen?
Nitrogen does not react with fats and oils.
As a result, rancidity does not take place.
Moreover, a gas in the bag serves as a cushioning agent and prevents the chips from crumbling.
That is why the bag of chips is only filled
till half.

Topic: Air pressure.
How do straws work?
They work very hard.
Straws work because of air pressure.
Is it similar to acupressure?
Air pressure is the weight of air pressing
down on earth and all other objects present on it.

Now, when a straw is in a liquid.
The air pressure upon the liquid in the glass and the air pressure upon the liquid in the straw is similar.
Causing the levels of liquid to be almost equal.
However, when we drink the liquid through

We first inhale causing the air from the straw to flow into our lungs.
Now due to absence of air, the air pressure
in the straw decreases.

Hence, the air pressure present on the liquid of the glass pushes the liquid into the straw.
Causing it to move upwards and thus, helping us drink.
Why do bees build hexagonal honeycombs?
I don't know.
Honeybees build honeycombs to store honey, pollen, eggs, etc.
The honeycombs are built using beeswax which honeybees produce themselves.
However, honeybees produce very less amount of this wax.
Hence, honeybees required a shape that would give them maximum storage using minimum beeswax.
Now, if each cell of the honeycomb would be a circle.
Then there would be a lot of gaps or wasted space between cells.
So why didn't honeybees make triangular or square cells?
These shapes don't leave any wasted space.
Popular research suggests that hexagonal cells use less wax.
Provide more space as compared to triangles and squares.
This means honeybees can store more honey while using the least amount of wax.
Besides this, the overall structure is much
more stable and strong.

Why do our muscles get sore?
Because they want to go to a spa.
When we begin to go to gym or perform a new intense physical workout.
Our muscles begin to feel sore the next morning.
This soreness is called Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness or DOMS.
DOMS occurs usually after eccentric contractions.
What does that even mean?
When a muscle is lengthening and contracting at the same time, it is known as an eccentric contraction.
For example, when we lower a dumbbell, our biceps muscle is slowly relaxing and lengthening.
But at the same time, it is still contracting
to hold the heavy weight of the dumbbell.

Similarly, in a squat, as we lower ourselves,
our quadriceps muscle is lengthening.

But at the same time, it is still contracting
to hold our upper body weight.

Such eccentric contractions generate tension in the muscles, creating minute tears in them.
Thus, causing the soreness or pain.
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Do Bees Dance? | #aumsum

27 Folder Collection
AumSum published on April 13, 2019
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