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Dubai's carbon dioxide pollution is amongst
the highest in the world, while residents' water use
is around the double the global average.
But a radical new development aims to permanently redefine
how the Emirate thinks about sustainability.
Welcome to Dubai's sustainable city.
It's green spine is formed of 11 bio-dome farms,
supplied by recycled water, they allow residents
to grow fresh herbs and produce.
The desert sun plays its part, too,
providing power through thousands of solar panels,
and though dust sweeping in can reduce the efficiency
of those panels to just 20%,
2,500 trees are being planted
to shield against this, creating a buffer zone
helping purify the air.
Stark problems require bold solutions.
It's this challenge the designers of tomorrow's cities need to rise to
if a truly sustainable future is to prove anything more than a desert mirage.
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Dubai's Sustainable City - This World Can: Innovate to make our planet a better place

793 Folder Collection
Silvia W. published on April 13, 2019    Silvia W. translated    Evangeline reviewed
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