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  • Date night with my Minnie.

  • A date night is here, yippee.

  • A date night with my Minnie.

  • A date night is here, yippee.

  • Mickey? But you're three hours early.

  • Oh, you know.

  • I'm just obsessed with you.

  • Fifi!

  • I'm sorry about that.

  • My Fifi doesn't like anyone but me.

  • Well, that's about to change.

  • 'Cause everyone loves Mickey Mouse.

  • Well, good luck with that.

  • Be ready in a few minutes.

  • Okay, Fifi, time for us to be best friends.

  • Come here, girl.

  • Let me see your squishy face.

  • Well, look at that smile.

  • I knew you'd love me.

  • Oh, looks like someone needs one of my patented best-friend kisses.

  • What gives?

  • How can you not love me?

  • Oh, look, Minnie loves me.

  • She, she loves me a lot.

  • Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow!

  • Almost ready. Ooh!

  • Ooh, so adorable.

  • Be ready in a jiffy.

  • I don't get it. Why doesn't she love me?

  • I was cordial and charming.

  • Hmm, I need some advice.

  • Go fish, you old maids!

  • Hello? Oh, hey, Mick.

  • Yeah, hold on. Phone for you, Pluto.

  • Pluto...

  • Golly, why didn't I think of that?

  • Thanks, pal.

  • Oh, Fifi. Special delivery.

  • We have gourmet bones, chew toys, a hybrid SUV, and a silk-embroidered pillow handmade from my grandmother's wedding dress.

  • Fifi?

  • Hey, those are expensive!

  • Now, see here. Enough of this naughty behavior.

  • Everyone loves me, and so should you.

  • Fifi, you wouldn't.

  • Stop! It's my grandma's wedding dress.

  • Fifi!

  • Don't worry, girl. Mickey is coming to get you.

  • Almost there. Almost there. Almost there. Almost there.

  • Don't worry, Fifi, you're gonna be fine.

  • Oh, Fifi!

  • I gotcha.

  • I will never let you go.

  • Okay. I'm ready.

  • Ooh!

  • Oh, it's so adorable.

  • I told you she'd love me.

  • So do I.

  • Look at that smile.

  • No! Fifi! No!

  • No, no! Hey! Take that!

  • Don't! Stop!

  • Fifi! No, Fifi! Stop, stop, stop! Stop!

Date night with my Minnie.

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You, Me and Fifi | A Mickey Mouse Cartoon | Disney Shorts

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    Liang Chen posted on 2019/04/12
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