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(theme music playing)
Date night with my Minnie.
Date night is here, yippee.
Date night with my Minnie.
Date night is here, yipee.
Mickey? But you're three hours early.
(chuckles) Oh, you know...
I'm just obsessed with you.
(kissing noise)
I'm sorry about that.
My Fifi doesn't like anyone but me.
Well, that's about to change.
'Cause everyone loves Mickey Mouse.
Well, good luck with that.
Be ready in a few minutes.
Okay, Fifi, time for us to be best friends.
Come here, girl.
(baby talk) Let me see your squishy face.
Well, look at that smile.
I knew you'd love me.
Oh, looks like someone needs one of my patented best friend kisses.
(screaming hysterically)
What gives?
How can you not love me?
Oh, look, Minnie loves me.
She... She loves me a lot.
(growls) (screaming)
Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow!
Almost ready. Oh!
Oh, so adorable.
Be ready in a jiffy.
I don't get it. Why doesn't she love me?
I was cordial and charming.
Hmm, I need some advice.
(dogs barking) Go fish, you old maids!
(phone rings)
Hello? Oh, hey, Mick.
Yeah, hold on. Phone for you, Pluto.
Pluto... !*$*^[email protected]&%...
Golly, why didn't I think of that?
Thanks, pal.
Oh, Fifi. Special delivery.
We have gourmet bones, chew toys, a hybrid SUV, and a silk-embroidered pillow handmade from my grandmother's wedding dress.
(Mickey screams)
Hey, those are expensive!
Now, see here. Enough of this naughty behavior.
Everyone loves me and so should you.
Fifi, you wouldn't.
Stop! It's my grandma's wedding dress. (growls)
Don't worry, girl. Mickey is coming to get you.
(whimpering) Almost there. Almost there. Almost there. Almost there.
Don't worry, Fifi, you're gonna be fine.
Oh, Fifi!
I gotcha.
I will never let you go.
Okay. I'm ready.
Oh, it's so adorable.
(barking) (chuckles)
I told you she'd love me.
So do I.
Look at that smile.
(Minnie screams) (objects clattering)
(music playing)
No! Fifi! No!
No, no! Hey! Take that!
Don't! Stop!
Fifi! No, Fifi! Stop, stop, stop! Stop!
(Minnie screams)
(Fifi barks)
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You, Me and Fifi | A Mickey Mouse Cartoon | Disney Shorts

578 Folder Collection
Liang Chen published on April 12, 2019    JH. translated    Evangeline reviewed
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