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It's AumSum Time
Hey guys.
Hold on.
Did you download my app from Google Play Store?
Remember, it's called ''It's AumSum Time''.
Now, let's guess the title of my next video.
Tapered end means greater surface area to
the bird's muscles.

That helps them to squeeze the egg out easily.
Hurry up.
Write your guess in the comments section below.
Is Mars really red?
Am I really human?
Rocks and soil on Mars mostly contain iron.
Here comes atmospheric oxygen.
Reddish iron oxide or rust is formed.
So, Mars is red.
Let's look through the rovers.
Some areas are brown or green or even butterscotch-colored.
Then, why does it look red?
Dust Storms.
They last for weeks or months.
They kick up the rust into the atmosphere.
Thus, giving it a reddish color.
Topic: Eyes
Why do we have two eyes instead of one?
You don't know?
To understand this better, close your right

Now, are you able to see the table kept on
your right side?

You are not able to see it, right?
Let me tell you why.
Both our eyes work together and help us to
see, judge and perceive a view accurately.

Having two eyes provides us with a wider field of view.
When both our eyes are open, we get a horizontal field of view of about 180 degrees.
However, with only one eye open, we get a
horizontal field of view of only around 150 degrees.

We are unable to view around 20 to 30 degrees.
Hence, we were not able to see the table when our one eye was closed.
Did you know that our eyes see the same object from a slightly different angle?
You don't believe me?
Look at this object.
Both your eyes see the object like this.
Now, when you see only with your left eye,
the object will look like this.

While, when you see only with your right eye, the object will look like this.
Our eyes send these two slightly different
images to the brain.

The brain blends or combines both the images to make a three-dimensional image of the object.
But what is the use of a three-dimensional

A three-dimensional image helps us to understand how far or how near an object is from us.
Facilitating better depth or distance perception.
This means having two eyes enables us to judge the distance of the object.
Or the depth at which the object is placed from us.
Topic: Blushing
Why do we blush?
I don't know.
When we are embarrassed, ashamed or shy, we blush.
Blushing is governed by our sympathetic nervous system.
Its functioning is not under our control.
I cannot control my own sympathetic nervous system?
Now, when we are ashamed or shy, it causes us immediate stress.
When something causes immediate stress, our sympathetic nervous system considers it as a threat.
To defend the threat, this system orders our adrenal glands to release a hormone called adrenaline.
Adrenaline speeds up our breathing rate.
It expands the blood vessels so that more
blood and oxygen can be reached to our body parts.

Thus preparing our body for fight or

Now, as the blood vessels on our face are
very close to our skin surface.

They make our face appear red, that is, we blush.
Why do old books smell so good?
Because books secretly apply perfume.
Smell of old books is basically because of
paper and ink in those books.

Paper is primarily made up of wood.
Wood is made up of organic compounds like cellulose and lignin.
Over the years, these compounds react to heat, light and moisture.
Begin to breakdown releasing VOCs.
VOCs means vanilla orange cakes, right?
VOCs stand for volatile organic compounds.
These compounds easily vaporize and mix in the air, thus forming the smell of old books.
Now, there are different types of VOCs.
A volatile organic compound called vanillin gives vanilla like smell.
Another VOC benzaldehyde gives almond like smell.
Ethyl benzene gives a sweet smell.
In short, the combination of various compounds makes old books smell so good.
Why do leaves change color and fall?
Leaves contain various colored pigments like orange, yellow, green, etc.
But among all these pigments, only green colored pigment called chlorophyll traps sunlight.
Helps leaves prepare food.
Now, since green colored chlorophyll has such an important function.
The amount of chlorophyll is much higher in leaves.
Causing them to usually appear green.
No, they're black.
Oops, I'm wearing sunglasses.
Now during autumn or fall, there is not enough sunlight for chlorophyll to trap.
As a result, leaves are not able to prepare
much food.

Hence, the plant begins to shed its leaves
instead of wasting energy on their maintenance.

Before shedding, the plant absorbs required nutrients from the leaves and breaks down chlorophyll.
Now, since chlorophyll is broken down, other pigments in leaves become visible.
Resulting in the change of color.
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Is Mars really Red? | #aumsum

37 Folder Collection
Amy.Lin published on April 11, 2019
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