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So many of you have requested this one.
It's room organizing hacks.
With this one, I'm going to teach you how to organize your rings by making your very own ring box.
All you need is a box and a sponge.
I've got this melamine sponge from Daiso for $2, people.
Sometimes when you buy things and it comes in a box, why not save the box and then you can make a ring box.
Recycle, baby.
Okay, so I've already cut my foam up to the size of my box.
It's got to be a fairly stiff foam okay, people.
So that it can hold properly.
All I have to do now is put the foam in, cut some slits in there for your rings, and you can customize how ever many you want.
So I've got 6 rings, some of my favourite earrings.
I mean like, hello?
Anyway, we are going to cut slits now.
It is so shiok to bring the knife through that, man.
It just slides.
Now the next thing, to put the rings in the slits.
Oh it's so nice!
It's also great for earrings.
And you don't need to make any slit, you can just poke them in.
Anyway people, here you go.
I'm going to teach you a really cool trick to make your own storage container.
And all you need is some paper bags.
So don't throw these away people, because these would come in very, very handy.
They need to be a little bit stiff, okay.
Otherwise this is not going to work.
Cut along the line here, all the way around.
Alright, you can throw this away, you don't need that.
And there you have your own little container!
As you can see, the whole table is very messy, full of things, so now let's get it organized!
Che neh neh neh!
It is all nicely organized now.
How cool is that?
And who would have thought that this used to be a paper bag?
So here's a really cool way to organize your makeup brushes.
Now usually when you get your makeup brushes, put it in a container like that.
It's quite messy, it's not standing up nicely.
Well, why not add some...
Woah! That was so close!
Coffee beans!
Oh my good lordy!
Now I've got a hot flush.
Do you all get hot flushes when something like- okay, it's just me then.
No I'm not menopausing.
Put the coffee beans in the container.
Then put your makeup brushes in.
Look at that.
It's so like standy uprighty.
Oh my god, this is very satisfying.
So good.
Look at that!
Each one of them is standing upright.
It's so pretty!
Here's a really great way to store your hairpins!
All you need is Tic Tac box.
Very easy right?
That's all there is to it.
Tic Tac, anyone?
Can you imagine if you eat it accidentally?
That would be terrible.
Just remember you've got hairpins in the Tic Tac box, alright?
If you have a lot of cables, and you've got them all bunched up in one box like this.
Actually I have mine like this, surprisingly.
Why are my cables so disorganized like that?
Because, I was lazy.
Anyway, here's a really cool way to keep it all organized.
All you need is toilet rolls, people.
And then you can label whatever the cable is for!
And there you have it, a really neat box of cables!
Che neh neh neh!
This one is really good when you've got a whole stack of pens and pencils and all kinds of things.
So a great way to organize this mess is you get a shoebox and a lot of toilet rolls!
Hang on.
How to make this glamorous?
Put them in the box, so that I can sort out the markers and the pencils to each little compartment.
And there you have it, it is all organized now.
Here's a really cool way to keep all your pouches and purses and wallets and whatnot.
All you need is a dish rack.
Help! I'm in jail!
Oh god.
It's that time of the day.
Anyway, so that's all you need.
I'd put the big ones at the back, obviously.
Here's a wallet.
Till last, people, Tandem pouches.
Is I design one leh.
Nice or not?
I have them in two colours, black and grey!
And they are still up for sale online at tandemmerch.com, people.
So there you have it, something nice and simple.
If you want to display your purses and everything, see, how nice like that?
They're not gonna fall out, if you want to choose one.
You know?
That's so convenient, I put that there purposely.
Aiya people are going to be rolling their eyes.
Must show support okay?
New designs coming soon.
So this hack is for organizing your drawers.
Now you can buy dividers for your drawers.
But, this is a hack show mah.
I have to teach you how to make your own mah.
And it's like free?
So anyway.
If you have some shoeboxes around, you can cut your shoeboxes to fit your drawer, and you can put as many dividers as you want.
This one I cut in half.
So I'm just lining up now to make it nice and neat.
Now we're just gonna put the clothes in.
These bras.
Any idea where these are from?
Cause they certainly are not mine.
They actually belong to the Wonder Boys.
I would never wear bra like these, can I just say?
Bras in, those are socks in there.
The scarves.
And now, the other stuff.
Che neh neh neh!
A nicely organized drawer you can see everything!
So you know how you have many different sets of bedsheets?
Here's a really cool way to keep everything organized.
So you don't have to lose anything in the set.
All you got to do is put them together, grab one of the pillowcases, slide your set in like this.
Aww! It's bloody heavy!
There we go!
And then maybe just fold this underneath and now your set is all together!
You don't have to break a sweat, trying to find that one pillowcase ever again.
Che neh neh neh!
We have come to the end of yet another episode.
Now, some of you may or may not know, we have started a merch store online.
At tandemmerch.com.
Check out some stuff on there that I've designed, it is all up for sale!
You can also follow me on Instagram @rjt99.
And if you haven't done so already, please download the free clicknetwork app to watch all of our videos one month before they come out on YouTube.
Thanks for watching, guys! Muah!
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Room Organization Hacks - Hack It: EP55

6460 Folder Collection
Ingrid published on April 21, 2019    Ingrid translated    Evangeline reviewed
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