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  • What's up guys, it's the cast of Shazam, I am Asher Angel.

  • I'm Zachary Levi, I was on my phone when we started that.

  • - And that's-- - I'm Zach Dylan Grazer.

  • - I'm Zach Dylan Larvae. - Zach Dylan--

  • - Larvae. - Right there, larvae.

  • BuzzFeed has very awesomely created a which iconic DC superhero are you quiz.

  • Just say the word, wink, and we're about to go through all those questions together, all answer them and all find out what DC superhero we're gonna be.

  • I wonder what mine will be.

  • (upbeat music)

  • Alright, so which junk food is your one true weakness.

  • There's donuts, chocolate and then another would be chips.

  • Not to be confused with chocolate chips, yeah and then--

  • And then french fries, cookies, and ice of the creme.

  • I'm gonna go fries.

  • I'm gonna go with fries as well.

  • I'll go chocolate.

  • Choose a not-so-super power.

  • The ability to forget anything.

  • The ability to speak fluent dinosaur.

  • The ability to turn wine into water.

  • The ability to breathe fire, but only in.

  • Ability to fly indoors, ability to mind read with consent.

  • I'm gonna fly indoors.

  • Wait no wait, so what is this?

  • Is this the thing we can actually do?

  • If you had to pick the best of the worst.

  • How about, does that?

  • You're gonna pick what I did, didn't you, didn't you?

  • What did you pick?

  • - Ability to fly indoors. - Oh I didn't know, I swear!

  • I mean there's really big buildings.

  • Ability to breathe fire but only in.

  • Alright, come guys pick one, come on.

  • - Hey, it's hard, it's hard. - Time is of the essence.

  • Okay okay, there there there.

  • You are required to go back in time--I'm not gonna do it in British. --for a mission.

  • Choose an unfortunate historical occupation for your alternate identity disguise.

  • Vomit collector, food taster to taste for poison, plague burier, execution cleaner, rat catcher, or leech collector.

  • - Vomit collector. - Leech collector. Oh, vomit.

  • - You went vomit, wow wow. - Vomit collector.

  • I chose vomit collector by the way.

  • Choose a DC Films actor to be your superhero sidekick.

  • Is it Gal Gadot, is it Jason Mamoa, is it Amy Adams, is it Robin Wright, is Henry Cavill, is it Ray Fisher?

  • Robin Wright would be funny.

  • I'm going Henry Cavill.

  • Cyborg, Shazam would be a really fun.

  • I just go with Henry Cavill 'cause that would humble him, that would humanize him, I think.

  • Finally, choose a punny name for your newly formed team of disappointing superheroes.

  • The Tween Titans, The Just Us League, The Horrified Squad, The Sarcastic Four, The Complex Men, and The Guardians of Penitentiary.

  • - Pageantry, can you read? - Penitentiary, pageantry.

  • Pageantry.

  • I pick the Just Us League.

  • I think the Guardians of Pageantry.

  • The Horrified Squad.

  • (upbeat music)

  • - I got Nightwing. - What.

  • - I got Shazam! - I got Nightwing.

  • - Wow, you got Shazam!

  • I knew that I would get Shazam!

  • 'Cause I knew that they casted the movie wrong.

  • (laughing)

  • He's been trying to take me out.

  • You got Nightwing. Even though life has been especially tough on you, you've managed to come out on the other end, stronger than before, so get 'em bright night.

  • - That's solid. - Wasn't that beautiful?

  • - That's solid work right there. - Thank you.

  • That's accurate as heck.

  • Alright, I got Superman, excuse me.

  • You're an all-around talented individual who has little weaknesses, (little, meaning almost non-existent), if any.

  • Even though life hurls challenges at you like meteors in the night sky, there's nothing you haven't and can't overcome.

  • Sure, you may not wear a red cape and blue tights, (because I wear a white cape and red tights), but you're nothing less than super.

  • That felt like my horoscope.

  • What's yours say, Shazam?

  • You got Shazam. Despite your tough outer shell, you're a child at heart who would go out of your way to help others.

  • Just say the word, you're Shazam!

  • I'm Shazam! I'm Shazam! You guys should get outta here.

  • It's my show now, change the billboards all over the city to this face.

  • (upbeat music)

What's up guys, it's the cast of Shazam, I am Asher Angel.

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The Cast of "Shazam!" Finds Out Which DC Hero They Really Are

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