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Brothers and sisters!
How are you?
I've believed in the Lord for over a decade,
sincerely awaiting His return.
I heard that God had appeared, gospel from Eastern Lightning.
They testify that Almighty God is the Son of man descended
to express truth and judge man,
that He is the Bridegroom knocking at the door.
In no time at all,
it was known among every denomination, even overseas, it spread like wildfire.
But, I ask you,
is what they preach really the true way?
Should I bother to learn more?
This is a very difficult question.
Who would imagine that what I've believed for so long …
Ming, Ming.
Did you understand the fellowship today?
Today's meeting resolved a lot of confusion for me.
Now, I finally know
what the incarnation is and what the Christ is.
And now I understand how to discern the true Christ and false Christs.
This time,
my heart verifies that Almighty God's words are the truth and the voice of God.
Thanks be to God.
Telling the difference between false Christs and the true Christ is critical.
Do you realize
how many people lack this understanding of the truth
and are deceived by the lies of false Christs,
and how many people, because they don't know this truth,
mistake Christ's work in the last days as that of a false Christ,
they simultaneously believe in God, yet reject Him?
The consequences of that mistake are terrible.
How lucky that we can hear God's voice and understand these truths.
It's by God's grace.
Thanks be to God.
Thanks be to God.
Hey, Jiayin,
what worries me most right now is your brother.
Every time you testify the Lord's return to him,
he doesn't listen.
What should we do?
Ming, don't worry about it.
My brother is bounded by his old beliefs, and it will just take him some time.
Hey, in a little while,
I'll come visit your house and talk with him.
'K. Alright!
You explain everything; I'll help!
May God guide us!
I'll pop by this afternoon. ('K.)
Take care, Jiayin!
You're back!
Hey, where did you go?
You weren't at the meeting?
It doesn't matter.
I know exactly what the pastor said.
You know what he said?
Really? Tell me.
Little something like this.
Everyone …
Hey, hey! You, don't sleep! Wake up! Wake up!
We are in the last days.
The Lord has one foot in the door and one outside it.
You all need to be very, very, very watchful.
And you all need to
be very cautious, guard against false Christs!
That's a good impression!
I should have stayed home and listened to you preach!
Hey, you know, I'd like you to listen to this.
Every day, all the pastor says
"The Lord is about to come.
He's almost here.
He has one foot in the door and one outside it."
Now we are so excited for the Lord's return,
but the pastor says,
"Any who preach the Lord's return are liars."
He's quite a strange pastor.
It seems like all he talks about is watching for false Christs.
Hey, why not something else?
Like how to be a wise virgin and welcome the Lord?
You do make a good point.
But there's nothing he can do about it.
There are so many testifying the Lord's return.
We don't know what's true or false.
What if we end up following a false Christ?
My faith of many years will be good for nothing.
Well, good-for-nothing …
I mean—(Hey!)
No, no, no, Shouxin …
I'm just thinking,
since people are testifying the Lord has returned,
we should be investigating it.
But what do you do?
Refuse to listen, read, or have any contact with it.
You're so stubborn.
You go ahead and listen.
I don't want to.
Alright. Go open the door.
Ming, open the door! It's Jiayin!
She's here to tell me the Lord is back!
I don't want to hear it!
I am not home.
Look at yourself!
Hiding from your own sister!
I … I …
Of course I'm hiding!
She testifies the Lord has returned.
That's impossible.
Get back here!
The Lord's return is important,
but you don't seek,
you don't investigate,
you blindly reject it.
You'll end up a foolish virgin.
We see things differently but why fight about it.
Jiayin, it's not locked!
Hey! Just listen …
Hey! Hi Ming.
Where is he?
Your brother said he's not home.
He left.
Hiding a …
Jiayin. (Yeah?)
Come here, sit down.
Oh wow!
Looks like my brother left in a big hurry!
He didn't even put his shoes on!
A very big hurry.
Jiayin, (Yeah?)
why did you want to see him?
I just wanted to tell him all about the Lord's coming.
Oh that.
Well, how about …
you go ahead and tell me all about it.
It's important.
That's right.
Jiayin, your brother's attitude about the Lord's return
reminds me of something that the Lord said,
Hey, he thinks that any testimony of the Lord's return is completely false,
so he refuses to listen.
do you think that this understanding of the Lord's words is correct or not?
Okay, Ming, let me ask you this,
do you think the Lord Jesus is going to return or not?
Of course He will!
That's … that's something everyone knows.
The Lord said He will be here soon.
There are plenty of prophecies in the Bible to prove it.
No one would dare deny that. (Right.)
the question you're asking is way too simple!
since we all admit the Lord Jesus will return,
how can we say,
"Any who preach the Lord's return are liars"?
Isn't that denying the Lord Jesus' return?
These theories are just part of Satan's evil plan.
Wow! You're absolutely right!
In the last days, not only do false Christs appear,
more important is that the Lord Himself must reappear! (Right!)
Ming, I have another question.
If the Lord were to return,
do you think some people would know about it?
Of course some people would know about it!
Well, but some people would say no one would know at all.
But if no one knew about the Lord's return,
wouldn't the Lord's promise to return for us be an empty one?
If the Lord were coming, but no one knew,
then why does it say in the Bible,
"And at midnight there was a cry made,
Behold, the bridegroom comes;
go you out to meet him" (Matthew 25:6),
and, "Behold, I stand at the door, and knock:
if any man hear my voice, and open the door,
I will come in to him,
and will sup with him, and he with me" (Revelation 3:20)?
So, when the Lord comes, people will cry out.
The Lord will also knock at the door.
Then of course those who cry out know first,
those who hear know later,
and those who don't hear
won't know at all!
Hmm? Right.
means someone was preaching the message.
If we believe any who preach the Lord's return are deceivers,
that … that really is truly denying the return of the Lord Jesus.
But …
But … but some people think,
no matter whether it's true or false, right or wrong,
we can't look into it any further.
They say believing this way makes more sense because it's safer,
because it protects us from false Christs.
do you think it's appropriate to be practicing this way?
is practicing like that in accord with God's will?
Isn't it misunderstanding the Lord's words?
There's also the parable of the ten virgins.
The parable says the wise virgins hear the cry "the bridegroom comes"
and go out to meet Him.
It's mentioned several times in Revelation,
Here the Lord mentions "asking," "seeking," "knocking,"
"hearing God's voice," and "going out to meet Him."
So when welcoming the Lord's return, we should focus on seeking the truths,
and we should also focus on seeking to hear the voice of God.
He's listening!
Jiayin, sit on the couch.
Sit. Sit.
Ming, let me ask you,
if we don't seek and don't investigate testimony of the Lord's return at all,
how could we hear the voice of God and welcome the Lord's return?
I don't think it's possible.
"Asking," "seeking," "knocking,"
"hearing God's voice," and "going out to meet Him."
Hey, Jiayin. (Yeah?)
We have to seek the Lord's coming.
We have to seek to find Him.
We have to knock and hopefully He will open up the door!
Oh, hi there!
The window's dirty. I should clean it.
I cleaned it yesterday.
See? There. There's dust.
There's dust.
Enough, Shouxin. (Shouxin …)
Stop pretending.
Sit down and listen to her.
Come here.
Shouxin, Jiayin makes a lot of sense.
You should listen to her.
when it comes to welcoming the Lord's return,
if you only guard against false Christs and prophets
and you don't focus on how to meet the Bridegroom and hear His voice,
you're foolish. You're starving yourself for the fear of choking.
No matter how we guard against false Christs and prophets,
if we do not meet the Lord when He comes back,
we cannot be raptured before God's throne
and sup with the Lamb at the wedding feast.
That makes us foolish virgins who will be forsaken and eliminated by God.
More seriously,
if we hear people testify to Christ or testify that the Bridegroom is here,
and we blindly condemn Him as a false Christ,
I'm afraid this is resisting God.
This is the most dangerous thing to do.
This is the most dangerous thing to do.
why do you think the Lord asked us to wait alertly and pray watchfully?
To stop us from blindly condemning.
We need to take the time to look into whether it's the true appearance of Christ.
If we do nothing but reject,
we'll completely miss the Lord's return.
Shouxin, this is as important as life itself.
That's right.
Your argument is reasonable,
but …
Isn't being cautious of false Christs one of the Lord's requirements?
But you're taking it out of context
and misunderstanding the Lord's will.
If an adult warns a child not to eat too quickly to avoid choking,
should the child simply not eat?
And then the child blames the adult,
is that reasonable?
Are you really this confused?
starving to avoid choking is not the answer.
Knowing the truth of discerning true Christ and false Christs is the key.
The Lord Jesus reminded us to be on guard against false Christs,
but He didn't tell us not to study the true way or forbid us from welcoming the Lord.
That's right.
What this tells us is
that false Christs primarily use the performance of miracles to deceive people.
How about this,
I'll read you a passage from Almighty God's word.
Shouxin, come listen. Listen! Come.
Just read it. Just read it please.
False Christs can only imitate!
Those words cut right through the knot!
So that's the key to it!
The essence of false Christs is evil spirits.
Evil spirits have no truth, can't utter God's words,
and can't do the work of saving mankind.
The only way they have to deceive people is to imitate the Lord Jesus' past work
by performing some signs and miracles.
Christ who comes in the last days is doing completely new work,
work that God has never carried out in the past.
This time,
God isn't performing miracles to conquer people,
but is expressing the truth to judge and purify mankind.
Expressing the truth?
New work?
your fellowship today finally got through to me.
But, I …
But I still have a few concerns.
If it's true and the Lord has really returned,
then … then how do we recognize Him?
That is exactly the right question, Shouxin.
Come, let's sit down.
That's a very good question.
There's actually an answer to that in Almighty God's word.
This means we can discern the true Christ and false Christs
by whether they can express the truth and do the work of saving mankind!
That's right!
That's the key to it!
Almighty God's word explains the truth of discerning the true Christ and false Christs so clearly!
Jiayin, (Yes.)
why didn't you tell me this before?
Well, I'm glad you feel that way, Shouxin.
I'm really happy for you!
Shouxin, did you know
that Almighty God has appeared and expressed millions of words,
is doing the work of judgment beginning with God's house,
and has revealed the mysteries of God's management plan?
All these words are the truth.
Everything He says is to judge, purify and save man.
From the words of Almighty God,
we hear God's voice.
We determined Almighty God's words are the truth.
They're truly the voice of God,
that's why we follow Almighty God.
Almighty God is the returned Lord Jesus!
That's right!
Whoever can express the truth like that is certainly God.
That's right!
Wait, wait …
Darling, (Yes?)
why are you making so much sense all of a sudden?
Well, it's because I started listening to your sister
and looked into Almighty God's work in the last days!
Why didn't you tell me all this earlier?
Jiayin came so many times to testify the Lord's return,
and you didn't listen!
Look at this!
Almighty God's words make things so understandable!
If you had showed me Almighty God's words earlier,
I … I would have accepted them.
So you're saying, you'll investigate too?
Thanks be to God.
For all these years,
I've awaited the Lord's return,
but when it came to welcoming the Lord,
I considered watching out for false Christs as the most important thing,
and I didn't focus on hearing the voice of God
or seeking God's footsteps,
thereby shutting the Lord out.
I was just someone who was yearning for the Lord yet rejecting Him.
I was penny wise and pound foolish,
starving myself for fear of choking.
Thanks be to God.
Through struggle and fellowship,
my walls came down and my heart fully opened.
The wise virgin opens the door to meet the Lord.
If we starve ourselves for fear of choking,
we will miss the chance to be raptured, and regret it forever.
The words expressed by Christ in the last days
bring us the truth, the way, and the life!
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English Christian Skit "Starving for Fear of Choking"

92 Folder Collection
Mark Meng published on April 8, 2019
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