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Feifei: Hello and welcome to The English We Speak
with me, Feifei…
Neil: And hello, I'm Neil.
And I have to say, Feifei, that's a very cool,
but warm, woolly hat you're wearing.
Feifei: Oh thanks, Neil.
It's unusual to get a compliment from you!
Neil: You're welcome.
But why are you wearing it in the studio?
Feifei: Well, it's so cold outside.
I had to wear something to keep my head warm.
I suppose I should take it off now?
Neil: Actually, no.
Can you pull it down a bit more, so it covers your eyes?
Feifei: Well, if you say so.
There. How do I look?
Neil: Beautiful!
And it demonstrates the English phrase perfectly
– to pull the wool over your eyes.
Feifei: Another strange English phrase!
Neil, does it mean 'not being able to see'
or maybe, 'to have a very warm head'?
Neil: No. 'To pull the wool over somebody's eyes'
means 'to trick or deceive someone
so it stops them discovering something'.
Feifei: Right. But you don't actually have to wear
a woolly hat to do this.
Neil: You don't. But for now, keep the hat where
it is while we hear some examples…
Examples: You can't pull the wool over my eyes!
I know you've been smoking.
I can smell it!
He tried to pull the wool over the eyes of
the shareholders and not tell them the company
was bankrupt.
But they soon found out.
You can't pull the wool over her eyes.
She's too smart.
She'll find out you've been dating her best friend.
Feifei: You're listening to The English We Speak from
BBC Learning English
and we're finding out about the expression
'to pull the wool over someone's eyes',
which means 'to trick or deceive someone
to stop them discovering something'.
So it's really about hiding something from someone?
Neil: Exactly!
Feifei: So are you pulling the wool over my eyes?
Are you there?
Neil: Ha ha! She'll never know I've taken the biscuits
from her handbag.
OK, Feifei, you can remove your hat now.
Sorry, it was just funny looking at you like that!
Feifei: Pulling the wool over my eyes is no joke!
I know you stole my biscuits.
You'll pay for this.
Neil: Oh no! Time to go!
Feifei: Neil, come back!
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To pull the wool over someone's eyes - what does it mean? The English We Speak

78 Folder Collection
pi911pi911 published on April 4, 2019
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