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We want everyone who comes here to realise
their ambitions, and to become professionals
within their own field.
We teach the students to build an understanding
of how they learn as much as what they learn.
All of the teaching really comes from our
practices as researchers, as artists, as photographers.
Some students use film, they use interactive media,
they use print. They do book design,
magazine design, poster design.
It's up to them where their research drives them.
We're very interested in breaking down boundaries
between disciples, and perhaps traditionally
separate areas.
So we create experiences here. We've got
film and we have television and games and
animation and sound arts and design.
Students could be working with things like
MaxMSP, Arduino, sensors, 3D printing.
Students at LCC are really encouraged to explore
analogue and digital approaches. From traditional
drawn animation, pixilation, stop motion,
through to Maya and VR.
We have fantastic technical facilities here.
From industry standard broadcast technology,
high tech film studios, photographic studios,
post-production labs, right the way through
to the more design-based technologies.
The beauty of this area and all the technical
areas – they offer students a space to create
themselves with their hands. They can print
on wood, concrete, mirror, plastic.
Experiment with colours, experiment with colours that
change with temperature, that change with light.
It's in the heart of London, but it's
also in the heart of a vibrant community.
We are surrounded by the creative industries,
there's Condé Nast, there's the BBC,
there's Channel 4.
You study with people from all over the world.
You've got influences from everywhere in terms of
technologies or in terms of culture.
Every week there is different exhibitions
which can be like photography, printing, digital.
It is inspiring.
So at LCC we understand that the creative
industries are being transformed by data-driven
technologies, by the rise of social media
and we aspire in all of our programs to give
students the tools that they need so that
they are at the forefront of this industry.
Students learn life-long skills that they
can take out and look at the world in a different way,
but also engage with society and make a difference.
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London College of Communication | Your Future Starts Here

197 Folder Collection
Amy.Lin published on April 3, 2019
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