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Korea's capital city is a dynamic metropolitan combining traditional Korean historical sites with modern architecture and a young neighborhood.
Take a nice stroll in Seoul's main business and financial district and you can get a good sense of the fast-paced lifestyle.
During lunch hours, cafes and restaurants are packed with staff from banks and business firms.
Good morning, my beautiful friends.
Good morning.
So it's our day 2 in the beautiful capital city of South Korea.
Our second stop is the Namsan Park, a huge green oasis on the outskirts of the city center.
It features an aerial tramway, botanic flower displays, historical landmarks, and the iconic Seoul Tower.
It is also a very popular hiking trail for locals.
Some of the most spectacular panoramic views of downtown Seoul and the surrounding area can be seen at the peak of an Namsan Park.
Seoul tower is a landmark of the skyline of downtown.
Our next stop is the 63 square skyscraper, a landmark for the 1988 Olympics commanding spectacular views of the city.
It is one of Korea's tallest and most recognized buildings.
63 squares iconic gold color is the real thing each of the 14,000 panes of glass was coated with a thin film of 24 karat gold which catches the sunshine reflecting gold, red, and silver as the Sun sets giving the tower its stunning multi-colored sheen.
Crossing the bridge to the other side of the city is the Gangnam district, the Beverly Hills of South Korea and the home to the country's biggest celebrities.
Psy's international hit song "Gangnam Style" famously portrays the wealthy district which has an outsized reputation in Korean culture.
Property in Gangnam is three and a half times as expensive as the average real estate in Korea.
Living in Gangnam is a status symbol that many Koreans aspire to.
Our final stop of the modern city tour of Seoul is visiting the Hongdae district, including Hongik University and Itaewon.
It is the global community in Seoul where international expats live.
Here you can enjoy a diversity of culture, shopping and entertainment experiences.
Fashion shops specialize in various imported clothes, leather goods, handbags and shoes.
You can spend multiple days exploring the area and it's a great place to go whether you are visiting or living in Seoul
Remember to check out the k-pop street performances near Hongik University.
Imagine a street full of different groups of people putting on a great show for the public.
They are quite spectacular.
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In the second part of the sightseeing tour in Seoul, we're going to explore the traditional Korean culture and top historical sites.
Until next time.
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Modern Seoul Korea, City Tour Travel Guide

3106 Folder Collection
jasmine published on April 23, 2019    jasmine translated    Evangeline reviewed
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