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(clears throat)
- I am digging my set up,
if I may say so. (laughs)

It's currently the beginning
of April, and so far this year,

Went snowboarding in France.
I think I might have
fractured my tailbone,

Went to Belgium.
Had a two week holiday
with my mum in Latvia.

Fell in love with Estonia.
Took a day ferry to Helsinki, Finland.
Went to Lithuania.
Did a photography
experience tour in Iceland,

Back to Dinka, as it's currently my base,
More information on that soon.
Spent a week with my family in Poland.
Two days ago I booked a
trip to Bali for 10 days.

And after Bali, I predict
I'll be solo caravanning

It's pretty good.
We live in the best time possible
Flights are incredibly cheap,
there's endless information

Perfect photo destinations
are revealed to you

The world is very open,
but you're probably sitting

"You're an influencer, it
must be super easy for you.

"I could never do this,
is this even possible?"

Well, believe it or not,
I actually started travelling
the world by myself,

No one paid me for it, I
did it out of my own money.

So, in this video, I'm
going to be covering

And then how I get paid as
an influencer these days.

And on that note, one of the ways
So, therefore, I would
like to thank Squarespace

Whether you need a domain
website, or an online store,

I've been a happy customer
of Squarespace for years now.

Not only do they have
beautiful designer templates,

There's nothing to install,
patch, or upgrade, ever.

Alongside award winning 24/7
customer service, it's never

Check out
for a free trial,

How to travel the world
when you are working

It is so much easier than you think.
It's even easier these days,
I did this by working incredibly
hard for a period of time,

I would also save extra
money by avoiding buying

I was a tight ass.
I wanted to make sure that I was gonna be
And if I had to look
bad for awhile, I mean,

Unless you're working for tips,
Also, because I'm Australian,
Flights out of Australia are expensive.
♪ All by myself ♪
But if you don't live in
Australia, or in an isolated place,

Just go to,
and see where it takes you.

Type in your local airport,
and then tour everywhere,

I also ensured that the jobs
I was choosing were very easy

And these are the jobs that I chose.
(playful music)
- Dan?
- Oh, hi!

- Hi, thanks for the invite.
- Oh, my pleasure, enjoy.
(bright music)
- I was a bartender for quite a long time,
Two notes on that.
You have to work extremely hard,
so that when you come back,

And if there's a danger that
if they might not take you back

Actually, always get a
reference, because it's always

When I was bartending, I
also started the process

So, with my photography,
with my videography,

Make that money, honey.
Freelance is gonna be your best friend.
And lastly, this is the greatest thing,
You are the only one responsible
for learning this skill,

Ahem, unless you like your job,
And also these results are
mine, this is just examples,

Just thought I'd mention.
I took the full responsibility
I wanted to make sure that I
was working on my own terms.

If you wanna become a lawyer,
a doctor, or so forth,

But for me, that was not
really of interest to me.

I just wanted to make sure
that I had my own time,

This was a very long
process for me to master

The sooner the better.
Just give it some time.

While you're bartending, you
can still be take time off

And one day, even if it
takes you to 25 or 30,

You never have to get a job again.
That's a lot of time that
you have to live life

Another way to afford to
travel when you are working

When I was 18, bla bla bla.
When I was 18, I worked as a
volunteer in Canada for a year.

But I also had to prepay this institution
Luckily, times have changed,
And you don't have to pay a fee.
See, this is how much times
have changed already. (laughs)

Volunteering is genius,
because during your free time,

if you wanna become a travel influencer.
Talk about the area you are in,
talk about your volunteering journey,
inspire others to do
exactly what you are doing.

This is another way of how you can learn
to make money online.
How to become a public figure.
This is all part of the process.
Once you're on your adventure,
you just have to make sure

that the money lasts as long as possible.
So, I would take three months off,
but I wasn't living
extravagantly at all. (laughs)

I was a minimalist, so I took
very little baggage with me,

meaning that I also
couldn't buy extra things

when I was overseas, because
it wouldn't fit in my bag.

Cheap accommodation, cheap
transport, cheap food.

There are so many hacks to travel cheap.
When you're younger, traveling
on the cheap is so much fun,

because it's all about
meeting people, exploring,

the world is so exciting,
everywhere you look,

it's just mmm!
It's awesome.
So doing travel extremely cheap
is not something to shy away from.
It's really fun.
Now, would I want to stay
in hostels all the time,

and eat two minute noodles all the time?
But that's just because I'm
in a different life stage.

Ain't nothing wrong with that,
I like a little bit of luxury.
You know what I'm saying'
To summarize though, if
you're brand new to travel,

and you don't know how to do this,
and you want to do this
more, it's a skill.

I can now almost travel
with my eyes closed.

It's so second nature to me.
But when you're first
learning, it is overwhelming,

and you're gonna get really.
Emotions, scared, everything.
Everything's gonna run through your mind,
you're gonna think
you're not able to do it.

It's so much easier than you think.
So just start.
Secondly, how I make
money as an influencer.

This is what you can look forward to
if you go down the path
of becoming an influencer.

Brand deals, semi-earned
trips around the world.

Like the Iceland trips that I put on.
Sell courses, ebooks, prints online.
I sell mentorship in my area of expertise.
Sell photography, videography skills,
and if you want to get extra insights
on how to get paid as an influencer,
if you're just starting,
here is the video for that.

I hope you guys enjoyed this video,
make sure you like, hit subscribe.
Like, hit, hit? (laughs)
Make sure you like, hit
the bell, subscribe,

and I look forward to
seeing you guys next time.

Peace out.
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How To Afford a Life of Non-Stop Travel (Even if You're Broke AF)

201 Folder Collection
April Lu published on April 2, 2019
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