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it's got a very high ceiling so we've really seen the design as
Inserting a little hybrid pod with a mezzanine loft bedroom over the top
Which freed up the rest of the space to make it feel a lot more spacious.
The history of this building is it's a Victorian era building
It has four shops and seven apartments.
This happens to be the residual one at the end
Which is underneath the hip and it's about 40m2 in size.
What we've really done is expressed the ceilings and the Trust's within the
design by inserting a little pod with hybrid spaces that incorporating all
the dining room, the kitchen and the services and even the bathroom
The kitchen for instance being loaded off a
hallway, rather than being its own space
We've gone for 1/2 module dishwasher and we've gone for 1/2 module sink
and kept everything sort of compact in that but still got plenty of bench space there and
decent-sized pantry and the little hidden appliance cabinet which you know
creates quite a functional chef's kitchen as we would describe it
Within that very confined space and ceiling area we've had to use an unconventional Japanese stair - to get up there and
It was so tight that we actually ended up putting a 10mm plate steel landing in the staircase
which actually formulates the ceiling of the shower in the bathroom
We've incorporated a dining facility into that which can be used as a
study during the day and has multi functions in that aspect
We've got beautiful sunlight northern orientation in the living area
which makes it feel big and spacious while the other functions are extremely tightly designed
it feels overall like it big comfortable space to be in and
I imagine you can have a party here with 30 or 40 people and it would still feel like a decent sort of space.
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NEVER TOO SMALL ep.8 40m2 Apartment Design - Apartment 6

356 Folder Collection
Ginger Liu published on April 1, 2019
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