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- (Past FBE) So, welcome.
Thanks for coming down.

- Billie Eilish.
- Yes!
- (Past FBE) How do you feel?
- It's weird that she's

around our age and actually
watched us before.

- (Billie) I'm so pumped.
- That's how I felt

when I was reacting to her.
I was like, yes.

- (Billie) At that age,
I had seen every single

one you guys did.
- Yeah, that was me too.

- Wow, I'm just imagining
this title is gonna be

a mouth-full.
- (Billie) I called my brother.
I was like, "Yo, they did

a Teens React to me."
- I don't know if we're

connected telepathically,
but I called my brother

when I got on Teens React.
I was like, "Dude!"

- (Billie) 'Cause my whole
family knew that I loved

this channel.
- You make it on here,

that's how you know
you made it for real.

- (Christina) Billie Eilish.

- (Billie) She knew right away.
- I sure did.

- (Alberto) This morning,
I was listening to her.

- It's so crazy.
She's just so dope.

- Literally so many people
were texting me about this

literally screaming.
They were like,

"Billie Eilish just reacted to you!"
And I was like, "I know!"

- (Rae) She's so pretty.
- (Billie) Yo, she's beautiful.
- Aw.

This is really sweet.
Aw, Billie.

- (Billie) She's beautiful.
- She is so nice to us.

I can't handle it.
- (Billie) Darius.
This was one of

my favorite dudes.
- She knew who he was.

I was like, that's so cool.
What the heck?

- (Billie) Darius.
This was one of

my favorite dudes.
- Ay.

I appreciate that.
I really love that.

That was really genuine.
- The fact that she
actually knows who

some of us are is
really, really crazy.

- (Rae) Went to Agenda,
which is a festival.

I saw her there live.
I punched my way

through that crowd.
- (Billie) This is my girl.

- Hell yeah!
- (Billie) That she said that,

because that's how I am.
- Ah, she's so cool.

I can't believe she saw
my face.

- (Noah) It sounds like
every pop female.

- (Billie) Low key,
he got a point.

He was just saying
what he thought

instead of holding back.
- I'd be so defensive

if someone didn't love me,
but she was just like,

"Oh, it's cool."
and I like that.

- She acknowledges that
everybody has an opinion.

She's so humble.
Ah, I just love her so much.

- (Billie) And also, I agree
that me then

did sound like everybody else
because I didn't--

I was thirteen.
I didn't have a sound.

- She didn't even know
who she was.

How do you sound like
who you are

and you don't even know that?
- (Billie) She's so cute.
- I'm getting hyped
every time I came on

Billie has said something
sweet about me.

- Ah, that's me.
- (Billie) Yo, I love him.

- Oh my God.
You guys, Billie Eilish

just said she freaking
loves me.

I need everybody
to listen to this.

- (Christina) It's so simple,
but it's so interesting.

- (Billie) Thanks, baby.
- She called me baby.

I screamed when I heard that.
- (Rae) It's so good.
I just want her

to be my mom
and sing to me every night.

- She's older than her.
- (Billie) Bet.
I'm on my way.

- She said "bet."
Be my mom!

You agreed.
You can't back out now.

- (Noah) I feel like
all the songs kinda

are sounding the same though.
- (Billie) True.

- (Noah) Which I'm
not a huge fan of.

- (Alberto) I wish she had
some upbeat songs and not--

- (Billie) See, but I do!

- It's true.
We did only play

her slow songs.
- (Billie) I do.
- Okay, but no T,

no shade.
I didn't mean that!

I just meant, you know,
the first couple of songs

that I heard from
Billie Eilish were the same

and so after that,
obviously I discovered

more of your music
and stuff like that

and I was like, I stand.
- (Anna) Must have been
super hard for her

to grow up with all
these eyes on her

and people putting
pressure on her

to perform and be
this perfect role model.

- It's so crazy, dog.
I can not believe.

- (Billie) People come
for you, dude.

People are on your back
about everything.

- I can't imagine
that pressure.

- (Billie) This is getting
kinda deep here,

but it was like,
her quote, "fake depressed"

"Bitch, you're sixteen.
What do you know about that?"

- I've heard people actually
say that to me too

when I bring up that
I like her.

They'll be like,
"Oh, she's not really that sad.

She's fake emo.
She's fake depressed."

and that's so annoying.
Come on.

- (Billie) That sentence
is unbelievable to me

that you could say
that a sixteen year old

can't be depressed.
- That's dumb.

That's so dumb.
That was ignorant

for someone to say.
- (Billie) I've been through
depression my whole life.

It's something I've dealt with
and I know tons

of other teenagers have
and kids and adults

and elders and YouTubers.
All the people that react.

Everybody has their own
emotions and their own problems.

Fake depressed is never
something you should ever say

about anyone ever.
- Amen.

Depression is real
for all ages.

Everyone struggles.
Everyone has their own story.

- (Ulises) Lovely with Khalid.

- (Billie) Product placement.
- (Mikaela) Beats promo.

- (Billie) Yo, she got it.
- (Jair) ♪ Oh, I hope some ♪
- (Billie) I'm in love

with this girl.
- Did she say she's--

yo, yo.
Have a moment of silence

for Billie Eilish saying
she's in love with me.

- (Billie) Were they sitting
right here?

- Her getting excited
about it.

Wait, was she sitting here?
I didn't even think about that.

- (Ulises) Khalid was
the breakout star

for last summer
and then Billie's

this summer's breakout star
and they're coming together.

- (Billie) Does he think that?
That's crazy that he thinks that.

- Yes, I think that.
- (Billie) Does he think that?
- We all think that, girl, honestly.

- (Mikaela) She has
a beautiful voice.

I really like her visuals.
- I like that girl's brain.

- Hey, thanks man.
- (Past FBE) It's great
to have you here again.

- (Billie) It's crazy.
I literally can't believe it.

I deadass showed here.
I met the Fine Brothers.

- (Rafi) How was it?
- (Billie) It was so great.

- That was me on my first day.
I met the Fine brothers.

- (Benny) It's so surreal.
- (Billie) This is surreal.

Oh my God.
- See, that's how I feel

because I was a super fan
of React and then

I got on the show
and I was like, what?

- (Past FBE) Finally, you're able
to know what the teens

thought about your music.
Now we wanted to see

if there's anything you
wanted to say back

to the teens.
- (Billie) Hello.

- Aw.
- (Billie) I'm in shock

and thank you all
for caring.

- You're welcome.
We really enjoy your art.

- (Billie) I really was expecting
a lot of not positive reactions,

so thank you for
being real.

- Oh my gosh, of course.
- She genuinely thought
we were gonna hate her.

That's crazy,
but no, we all loved her.

- It's just so relatable.
We're both teenagers,

we're both fans of each other.
She's fans of Teens React

and we're fans of her,
that it's just like we're

giving so much love
to each other and positivity

and I'm all about that.
- (FBE) First things first,
what did you think

of Billie's reaction to you guys?
- It was so nice and genuine

and she was just
happy to be there.

- (FBE) One notable moment
from our shoot with Billie

was that she mentioned
how she grew up

being a huge fan of React
in general.

Obviously, this show
has a wide reach

and many fans, but what
do you think of the fact

that some of those fans
might be celebrities

and maybe even celebrities
that you like, aside from her?

- Oh my God,
you just blew my mind.

I never really thought
about that.

- It's even better.
That means maybe just

regular people like us
can influence people

like you guys
and what does that make us?

I think that's a really
interesting thing

to think about.
- It's really cool
and it kind of makes you

take account of what
we're gonna say.

It's not like you're just
watching what you're saying

because you don't wanna
get on their bad side,

but it's because you
wanna give them

your valid opinions
and you wanna make sure

that you give them
the opinions of people

that maybe they can
look to and also improve off of.

- (FBE) Finally, as we now
know that Billie watches the show,

what do you wanna
say to her about her reaction

to you guys?
- Hey girl,

you are a champ.
Your mind is just amazing

and I hope that you
just continue to make

a bunch of amazing art
and just keep being you,

'cause you're really
freaking cool.

- Billie, I am shook.
Thank you so much

for your kind words.
I love your music

and I just really love
that you're yourself

and you're okay with that
and you don't live

for people's appreciation
but you do your own thing,

so keep doing that.
- I love you, Billie.
Thank you for saying that.

I really hope that
you keep spreading

your vibes across the world
and I hope that one day

I meet you and we
can do that together.

- I think it's awesome
that you watch us.

I don't even know
what to say.

It's just super cool
and I hope you're doing well

on tour and everything.
You're amazing.

- I don't think you
understand how excited

I was to see that you
were reacting to lil' old me

and then that you
called me baby

and I appreciated my words.

That was so nice.
You made my day that day.

- ♪ (upbeat outro) ♪
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