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I get up at 6.30 a.m, have some breakfast, you know, natural yoghurt or granola. So I've
got to stay quite healthy, even though I'm spending about nearly eight thousand calories a
day, I've still got to make sure that's really healthy energy. Between half seven and eight
is pre-pool, making sure my body is ready and warm. Get in the water at eight o'clock,
just do the session until ten o'clock, and then either head over to powerbase for an
hour or two, do whatever I need to do in gym. Then I've got a few hours to rest,
sleep, whatever I need to do, and then I'll come back to the pool for three thirty to get in at
four again, post-pool, then have dinner then go to bed at about half nine. So I train Monday
three times, Tuesday three times, Wednesday twice, Thursday three times, Friday three
times, and Saturday twice. You know you're looking at around thirty five hours a week,
which is you know, proper solid training.
I play a lot of Xbox, yeah I'm guilty of that.
But you know, you need something outside of swimming to keep your mind occupied, keep
your mind refreshed for swimming. You don't want to be thinking about what I'm doing in
the pool later, what I've just done in the pool, you know, how did that session go. You
don't want to be thinking about that. You know that's for moments like ten minutes after
to review and then move on. So I have a lot of balance in my life where you
know I can have a little bit of fun and chill out, and I think that's why I went
to Rio and I could manage that really well. You know I could chill out completely after
I can back from you know the heats to the semi's to the finals
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A day in the life of Adam Peaty

349 Folder Collection
kstmasa published on March 26, 2019
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