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Maybe toss an egg in there for protein.
Maybe, that actually would be pretty good.
Maybe, we don't know.
Okay, gettin' fancy on me.
I'm a very fancy person.
As am I.
(light upbeat music)
What's up guys, I'm Inga.
I grew up in Hong Kong and I love instant ramen.
I know most people think instant ramen's more like a broke college student's breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
But come on guys, there are so many more amazing instant ramen brands out there that people need to try.
So I went to Chinatown found a couple of my favorite brands, brought them back to the office to show my coworkers a whole new world.
(upbeat jazzy music)
This looks legit, and...
It smells really good.
It smells legit.
Yeah that's Shin smell.
It's reminiscent of instant ramen but better.
It's a little spicier than I was expecting.
Yeah. It's nice.
Which is a pleasant surprise.
Lot's of flavor...Salty...Spicy.
The broth really tastes like the broth you get at the restaurant when you go get fancy ramen.
I'm like probably gonna finish this if that's okay.
Now I'm excited for the next one.
(upbeat jazzy music)
This is nice!
The oil on this!
It looks fancier than the one that we just had.
It smells almost like, creamier maybe.
Is it Uni? Truffle?
Powdered milk?
I'm trying so hard to place it.
I feel like there's coconut in this.
Definitely something from the ocean is in here.
It's the perfect amount of like salty...
Spicy, and creamy.
I like milk but only in coffee or cereal.
Not necessarily when it's mixed in with other stuff.
I'm surprised this is instant.
This is my new favorite.
(upbeat jazzy music)
This one looks like artisanal.
This smells incredible.
It smells expensive.
It is so beautiful.
No broth.
Yeah no broth.
I've never had mayo on noodles before.
Oh! Yum!
It's good.
The flavors are really crazy, and they're like kind of baked into the noodles.
The mayo's so interesting.
I don't know if I would've picked it, but like now I'm eating it I'm like into it.
I would never have assumed it came from a dried form.
I'm like super into this; this tastes really good to me.
This is very delicious.
It's pretty restaurant quality.
This actually tastes like restaurant quality.
If it's like a rainy day and I'm in my P.J.'s.
Like, I would snack on this.
Yeah...Totally good.
Yeah. Really clean.
(upbeat techno music)
I thought I knew all kinds of instant ramen, but today my mind was blown because there were some different flavors.
Not only is like, the quality can be better, but also like there's so much different types and interpretations.
It's pretty cool.
They really defied my expectations in terms of what the gourmet landscape was like.
I've seen the other side; I cannot go back.
I feel like we went on a journey.
Yeah. We traveled.
You're a changed man.
Today changed me.
That flavor and the water as well.
I mean, the broth, as well. Sorry.
For calling it water.
(upbeat techno music)
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People Try Instant Ramen From Around The World

12984 Folder Collection
Ginger Liu published on April 13, 2019    Ginger Liu translated    Evangeline reviewed
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