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Situated in Eastern Thailand, just over 300 kilometers from Bangkok,
Koh Chang is one of Thailand's most beautiful islands.
Until recently, it was a little-known destination,
however it now boasts a blossoming tourist industry,
with many resorts, spas, and luxury accommodation options now available.
In 1982, Koh Chang and its surrounding islands were protected,
and became the Mu Ko Chang Marine National Park.
This has preserved much of the mountainous interior, beaches, and diving sites,
all of which are part of the attraction of visiting this beautiful island.
Local life here is simple,
with many fishermen harvesting their catch from the surrounding waters,
and selling fresh seafood to the tourists and resorts.
It's an unhurried way of life which infects those who visit as well.
The ramshackle estuary shacks and boats have a charm of all of their own.
You can walk the peaceful jungle paths through the island,
exploring dramatic waterfalls which feed tranquil streams.
Of course, with the beautiful waters all around,
there is plenty of canoeing, diving, and snorkeling.
As Koh Chang lacks an airport,
it's likely to remain a quieter holiday spot for some time, and for that,
many will be very thankful indeed.
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Koh Chang Video Travel Guide | Expedia

481 Folder Collection
Eric Wang published on March 24, 2019
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