B2 High-Intermediate US 133 Folder Collection
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Intel recently announced
the Intel Optane SSD 800P.

Find out what this latest
addition to the Intel Optane

family of products can enable.
I'm Stephanie Essin,
and this is IDZ weekly.

The 800P joins the
Intel Optane SSD

900P, designed for
both enthusiasts

and professional users.
Intel Optane memory is
an acceleration solution

to speed up slower storage like
hard disk drives and SATA SSDs.

Intel Optane SSD 800P
enables fast system boot,

speedy application load times,
and smooth multitasking.

It's ideal for use as a
standalone SSD in a dual drive

setup or in a multiple SSD
RAID configuration that

is PCH-based or CPU-based.
The drive also supports
lower power states,

allowing it to
operate in devices

like laptops and
two-in-one devices,

as well as desktop systems.
To learn more about the
specs, check out the link

provided to visit
the Intel newsroom.

Thanks for watching IDZ weekly.
See you next Monday.
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Intel Optane SSD 800P | IDZ Weekly | Intel Software

133 Folder Collection
alex published on March 24, 2019
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