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(upbeat safari music)
- [Zebra Gamer] What's up
guys and welcome back to

The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild.
Now I have to be honest,
before we get started with this

episode, a good chunk of this
episode I had already recorded

and then El Gato was
like, yo, I don't care.

Goodbye recording.
So I was actually able to reset
my save to before I actually

started this episode so we're
exactly where we left off from

episode two so you aren't missing anything
but I will know what to
do for the most part.

That was last night and
I was like whatever,

I'm done working for the day,
I'm just gonna go to sleep.

So I do forget the most of
it because it was just sorta

like short term memory kinda
thing but with that being

said, I did remember that
I messed some things up.

I said that there was only
one shrine but that shrine

that we saw in the cold
area over here that we can't

quite access, that is a shrine
that we need to complete

to complete this quest
and I still don't know how

to get there because I know
that if we like get cold,

like it just kills us so
quickly so we need to find

a way to it.
With that being said, I
do know of a way to get

something that'll keep us warm.
Remember we read the old
man's diary and it told us

about a recipe that if
we find that recipe,

we can actually go ahead
and get a warm doublet.

Now, to do that, we
need to find the missing

ingredient for him and I
still don't really know how

to cook, like cooking in this
game feels super unintuitive

but I know what to do basically.
So our first goal will be to
still do some normal stuff.

Let's go ahead and get
that shrine done, maybe?

I'm looking for a boar, we
need some raw meat from a boar.

So if we find one on our
journeys, we're gonna go ahead

and take that opportunity.
I thought I heard
something running around.

Might have just been my own
footsteps so I had to stop

to make sure.
Let's break this, what is in here?
A bunch of nothing.
All right then, this is a Stamella Shroom,
a green mushroom that grows
near trees in the forest.

It's chock full of natural energy.
Cook it to release it's
stamina restoration properties.

All right, cool.
Yeah my big goal right now
will be to go up the mountain

and try to do that third shrine.
Not only that but we need
four shrines completed

for the Temple of Time praying thing.
So we go lots to do in this
episode and I was so proud

of myself for figuring
something out over here.

Oh my gosh, I was thinking
like, how in the heck are we

gonna get across?
It looks super difficult,
do I wanna climb from there

over to here?
You don't need to do that
because we can go ahead

and chuck, chuck.
No wait, I did it wrong.
You just gotta press it once.
There you go!
And bada boom and it worked, awesome.
It sorta looks a little
uneven unfortunately.

Oh boy.
Like Link is a little silly
with it because it doesn't

entirely work, come on Link.
Maybe I should unsheathe,
no unsheathe my weapon

so I can balance.
Okay, we did, we actually did!
Okay that worked!
All right, I see you dudes
over here, ready, set,

bada bing, bada boom!
Bada bing, bada boom!
Oh no, okay, you know what?
Fine, wait, what button is it to throw?
I wonder what button it is to throw.
That worked!
Oh my gosh!
Okay, yup!
Right in the butt.
Okay, we're doing great, so what is this?
This is a Bokoblin Horn.
We have a Boko Club
which I'm not gonna worry

about right now.
This is new, this is a Boko Spear.
A spear haphazardly carved
from a large tree branch.

It looks like its original
intent was for skewering meat

and cooking it but it does
have some combat merit as well.

So my big goal for getting
over here is you can see

there's actually a lot of
different little ledges that'll

get us up this mountain so it
seems like the premiere way

of getting up here.
I'm also gonna try to
get all of these apples

because it just seems
pretty darn helpful to get

all these guys.
Here we go and then what's over here?
I'm sure there has to be
something of interest, right?

Oh that is totally a bomb spot.
Here let's go ahead and throw!
Looks like it might be worth
rerecording this episode

because I'm totally gonna
find things that I missed

in the previous time I
recorded this and like I said,

I forget most of it so I
don't even remember if I found

this or not.
We got Fire Arrow times five.
A bundle of five fire arrows.
Fire arrows break apart on
impact, igniting objects in

the immediate area.
Incredibly effective against cold things.
So maybe we find any
kind of like unfortunate,

not fun to find cold
things in that cold area.

Like maybe like there's
some kind of like ice wraith

or something like that.
We can go ahead and take him out
with those fire arrows maybe.
We only have five shots of
it, so we gotta be careful

because that's not a ton.
It's cool seeing like
all the different stuff,

like all these different
areas we might be able to

adventure to at some point.
Not right now but some point.
Also can I
like chop up, oh I can.
Oh yeah, I get a bundle of wood.
I don't really know if
I wanna take too much of

anything else.
I'll take the stuff I can pick
up but the weapons I think

I'm pretty much full.
We're gonna go ahead and start
climbing up this and my goal

was to get to one ledge at a time.
So I can like jump, there we go.
I remember the climbing
controls being quite wonky.

Yeah, we did it, we did it, we did it.
What's going on up here?
All right, we wanna get to this one now.
There we go, our stamina's back.
I was just like walking
up it for a little bit.

Jumping seems to make it so I
can't travel as far but I can

do it much more quickly which makes it
a less egregious video.
I just wanna take this, hold on.
It's a Rushroom which we
apparently already have some.

I think that actually is, let's see,
that can grow almost
anywhere but prefers ceilings

and cook it before eating
for a temporary increase

your speed.
All right then.
So that's sorta the thing with
cooking that's really weird

in this game is that it seems
like there's not actually

like set recipes sometimes.
Like we know about that recipe but like,
there's no way to like
look for it and there's no

mini quest that pops up, like
it's just a part of the world,

you know, it's like really,
really weird like that.

Okay so here I think I need
to not jump because I feel

like if I jump, I'm not going to make it.
I'm just gonna go ahead
and try to climb up this.

It's actually really difficult to climb.
Just go ahead and take that.
Go ahead and take this.
Oh, come on, come on, make it.
Okay, I think we got it.
We got it, we got it, we got it
and there we go, we made it.
No don't keep climbing dude.
Plop down.
Where's our next one at?
We have one to our right
and that one looks like

it looks like pretty far one
as well so let's get started

with this.
Oh man, this is definitely tough though.
Come on, now.
Trying to get on up here, jump.
Okay, there we go, we're in
the clear, we're in the cool,

we just gotta get up here.
Just like that and let go.
So are we just going
straight to that top now?

I think we're going straight to the top.
All right, let's do it.
Let's do it to it.
One jump.
Two jump.
Three jump, yeah we did it!
All the way to the top with
our last bit of stamina.

If we went over there, I
think it would actually start

freezing us so we gotta be
careful of our temperature.

We have reached the Owa Daim Shrine.
Let's go ahead and activate this thing.
So this is our third shrine
but not our final shrine.

I can't believe how mad I
was when I figured that out.

I was like doing all this
stuff, walking around,

not really knowing where I
was going or what I was doing.

Which is why it's sort
of a blessing in disguise

that I have to rerecord this
episode because obviously

I was thinking that it was
sort of getting a little boring

when I was just sort of
wandering around like

what the heck do I do?
So hopefully I can change that this time.
And here we are, the Owa Daim Shrine.
Now I do have to say a lot
of you have let me know

in the comments section that
you're watching my playthrough

not only because I just
play it differently than

other YouTubers.
To you who sets foot in
the shrine, I am Owa Daim.

In the name of the Goddess
Hylia, I offer this trial.

Apparently I've been
pronouncing Hylia wrong.

Thank you guys for letting me know.
The Statis Trial.
Hmm, okay, what's this gonna be?
Plop that on in there.
Ooh but yeah, a lot of
you were letting me know

not only do I play the
game solely different than

maybe your favorite YouTuber
who you're also watching

play it but also some of you
are actually getting lost

in the game right away
and don't really know like

what the direction of where
you should be going is

so you're following my
playthough and I'm hoping that

I'm helping even though
I'm just sort of going with

the flow of it, I'm not
really doing a walkthrough

or nothing but I'm glad I can
help some of you, you know,

if anything.
So we gotta go ahead
and get the Stasis Rune.

Stop the flow of time for an object.
Stops and object in time while
storing its kinetic energy.

The stored energy will act
upon the object when the flow

of time resumes.
Making good use of the
stored energy can move even

the largest of objects.
Very, very cool.
So we're gonna go ahead and get that.
Let's go.
So I'm gonna go ahead and
try to figure this out.

So we got this and oh I can like stop.
Perfect! Oh that's really cool.
All right then so it looks like
we were able to make our way

across, which is great.
Now this one is a little scary.
We're gonna go ahead and let it pass but
as soon as another one
falls, I'm gonna stop it.

There we go.
So I can like, oh I
can undo it right away.

Interesting, I actually
didn't know that one.

So if I, oh wait, I know
what I gotta do here.

There's a treasure chest up there.
So if I go ahead and let it pass and
No, no, wait, wait, wait,
wait because I don't think

it produces a new one
until this one has passed.

So let me quickly run, run,
run, run, run, run, run.

Okay, I made it, I made it.
Then what's gonna be in this chest?
Ooh, it's gonna be a Traveler's Shield.
A sturdy shield loved
by many an adventurer.

It is made of animal hide and sturdy wood.
It is best suited for
defending against weak monsters

or animals.
Very cool.
I don't know if that's
better of worse than what

we currently have but I'm gonna
go ahead and wait for this.

I'm just gonna follow it I think.
I think if we just follow
it'll be just fine.

There we go.
So one last thing it said
about the rune is that if I hit

things of if I give it momentum
when it's, you know, frozen,

it gets extra momentum.
So I'm gonna go ahead and try
to pick up this is the iron

sledgehammer which
apparently is 12 damage.

Like I think the three there
shows like how much damage

I currently have, 12 is how
much damage this will have.

This Iron Sledgehammer was
originally used for mining

but it works reasonably
well as a weapon too.

So I don't have enough room
for it so we're gonna go ahead

and switch over here.
There's a cat using a liter
box in the background.

I'm sorry.
I'm gonna go ahead and drop
the Boko Club because I just

don't think I need that.
So let's go ahead and drop that.
I'll pick up the iron
sledgehammer and we'll give this

a shot.
Here, where is it?
Right here.
I'm getting more used to the
AI finally, not the AI, the UI.

Stop the time and then ready?
Ooh ah!
There we go, hit it again
and one more time, one more time.
Okay, let's see how much that works.
It went flying.
Okay we gotta move, okay it's
falling in an inopportune

spot here.
Can I push it though?
Can I just like?
I can but it barely moves this way.
So I probably wouldn't have
been able to hit it out of

its little dish there.
All right, very cool, we
completed this shrine.

What's going on, dude?
Ooh and kersmash.
We broke in.
How are you?
Your resourcefulness in
overcoming this trial speaks

to the promise of a hero.
In the name of Goddess
Hylia, I bestow upon you this

Spirit Orb.
Yay so our third Spirit
Orb, we need four to pray

at the shrines so this is
still like pretty tough

things we gotta get going
on here 'cause I, like,

at this point I'm like
pretty clueless on what I'm

supposed to do next, I think.
Like I know I need meat
and I think the boar, like
we've seen a boar running around

a few times, I haven't
killed him because he looks

nice and peaceful but I
wanna try taking him out

'cause he's like the only
piece of wildlife I've seen.

May the Goddess smile upon you.
All right, will do.
But we're gonna try to
find a boar at this point,

I know we need a type of
fish and we already have

the spice so I think when
we find those three things,

'cause remember we're trying
to find these spicy seafood

meat thing.
So that's all we need to do
and then we need to cook him

and I have no idea how to cook it.
Like I know I can like equip
the items and then maybe

I just throw it on top of
the pan, like it doesn't

tutorialize anything in this
game, it's almost a little

like frustrating.
Let's go ahead, pull up
the map, 'cause I've done,

wait, have I done everything here?
I feel like, oh okay
wait, there's a rock here.

The Owa Daim Shrine, that's
where we are, I know, I know

but I remember this, okay,
this is one thing I remember.

Let's go ahead and smack!
Maybe this'll end on the old dude's house,
we might wanna be careful.
Boom, there we go and
let's just go ahead, see ya!
(laughs) Oh and there's
a chest under here, cool.

So what'll this have?
This will have the Traveler's Bow.
As we already have one of
these, but now we have another.

A small bow used by
travelers for protection.

It doesn't do a lot of damage
but it can also be or it can

use be attack foes from a distance.
We used it earlier today.
Pretty darn cool.
All right, so we gotta
make our way back down.

It's really cool looking in
the distance at everything.

Like I can like look at
the distance over here.

Everything looks so cool
everywhere, it's really awesome.

Let's go ahead and we
need to, I guess teleport,

let's teleport back to the starting area,
which is the Shrine of Resurrection.
We're just ducking.
(laughs) Hey, it works,
I'm not gonna complain.

All right, awesome.
We're making great progress so far then.
So we really haven't adventured
any of this section of the

woods like right there,
that's like the farthest we've

traveled is right over there
and that's the first shrine

we did so, I was gonna
try to walk as well.

Maybe sorta make our
way down this mountain

and sorta see what we can find.
Like maybe we can find
a boar in the woods?

Like I just don't know where we'd find one
'cause when I was playing and
I think it was in the third

episode I scrapped, I found
one running around but I

didn't find a reason to take
him out but then I sorta

figured out that we need to get this meat.
So, I'm trying to find him
again because I think he's

gonna be our best source
of finding the meat.

Hi, old dude!
And what about this river?
Because we need to find the fish
and maybe, is that a sword?
Hold on, hold on, is that sword?
Where am I?
Oh look at that, there's a sword up there.
Oh what do you bet we
can launch into there?

Oh that is so cool.
So where is that, where is that?
That was right here.
Let's go ahead and jump, no wait, jump!
Jump, what?
Oh hey, it works still! (laughs)
What is happening?
Ya ha ha, you found me!
It's a Korok.
Huh, you're not Hestu.
But you can see me?
I didn't your kind could see
the children of the forest.

Well, if you run into Hestu,
please return this to him.

A Korok Seed.
This small seed was
given to you by a Korok.

It has a distinct smell.
If you gather a bunch of
them, you never know what

might happen.
Weird, oh and my friends are
hiding in lots of different

places too.
Don't be shy about poking your
nose into suspicious places.

Huh, so it's like a challenge system.
If you just do silly things
like this, you might actually

find something.
That was really cool.
I just like, I thought it might
have actually done something

because it looked like it.
Oh okay, fish, fish.
Hyrule Bass.
Hyrule, right?
Hyrule Bass.
An ordinary fish that can
be found all over Hyrule.

Ir can be eaten raw but
cooking it amplifies

its healing benefits.
I think that's the kind of fish we need.
All right, let's go ahead
and climb up this now

and see what we can get.
Now some of you guys have
been asking me if you know,

I find anything cool in
the game, after I find it,

can I like sorta show the map?
Let's climb up to here really
quick and then stand here.

So let's go ahead and do that.
But you guys have been asking
me to do that so we'll go

ahead and try that right
now after we pick this up.

This is the Rusty Broadsword
which has six damage.

This once fearsome sword
has seen better days.

It can do some damage in the right hands
but also breaks quickly.
Oh I don't have enough room for it.
All right then, so let's go
ahead and drop something.

I'll go ahead and drop this
creepy hand because I don't

really need it, this will
do six damage anyways.

So there we go, this is, where is it?
The Rusty Broadsword is right here.
Very cool and then that
right here is just, you know,

right on the starting area
of the map, right next to

the Shrine of Resurrection.
Very, very awesome.
All right, I'm back out of the water.
There's a Bokoblin in there.
I'm not really looking for the Bokoblins.
I'm looking for the what's it called?
The boars, so once again, I'm
gonna try to go ahead over

this way and see what I
can find 'cause this is all

uncharted territory.
I know there was like a smoke
cloud coming out of here

as well so maybe I could
find like a little group of,

yeah, right there, right there.
Oh look at that, a flock of
birds, okay that was cool.

(gasps) There's a boar!
Okay, I got like, no wrong button.
I got like one good shot at this.
I missed.
No, no, no, no come back, come back!
All right, I'm gonna have to
like shimmy down this mountain

a little bit.
See if I can find him 'cause he's running.
Oh there's a Bokoblin, I
think he knows I'm here.

I don't really care about
him though like dude.

You are on my low list
of priorities right now.

Trying to get that boar,
where did the boar go?

There's little squirrels.
I don't wanna attack
them, they're adorable.

Here's the Bokoblin.
Oh man I can't believe I
missed that shot though.

Okay, this dude's coming for me.
Oh, there's more than one.
Let's go ahead and shoot you in the face.
Ooh, hit an enemy's head
with an arrow to perform

a critical hit.
(laughs) Buddy, you went
to the wrong neighborhood,

I don't even care if this
is your neighborhood.

I'm in it, so you went to
the wrong neighborhood.

Man, they call me deadshot Link.
One shot and you're dead.
Even if it took me two.
So what's going on over here?
There's a fire here, so
I might wanna be careful.

Hmm let's out these little pigeons.
Don't think I wanna mess with these guys.
Like I just, I don't know.
If I don't have to mess with
nature, I don't want to.

(gasps) There's the boar!
Is that the boar?
Oh no, that's the old man.
Is that the old man?
That is not the boar.
It's sitting.
It's definitely not the boar.
Yeah, this is this the old man.
Where did my prey go?
No, that's my prey, we're
competing right now.

Well, well, well, so we meet again.
What are you doing?
Blast it all, my back is acting up again!
I suppose that means this old
man has had enough hunting

for one day.
So he's hunting as well.
Can you give me tips?
What are you doing?
Okay, so you're not gonna tell me.
I wish he was a little more
informative than what he is.

No, don't run.
Don't run.
Come back, this is so difficult.
I feel like I need to
use these fire arrows.

Because these guys are running
around like little lunatics.

Oh my gosh, this is really tough.
And these are two both of the same kind.
All right, well, I'm gonna
try to sneak up on him

next chance I get.
No, you don't attack him too.
No, he's hunting them down.
Uh oh, I might have to take
care of these Bokoblins

so that they don't hunt down the boar.
All right, we got a
situation on our hands.

Oh no, no, no, no, no that's mine.
That's mine, that's mine, that's mine.
You guys get back here with that.
They're trying to hunt him down.
He's mine.
He's, oh gosh, he's moving
around like a crazy,

I got him!
Dead in the face!
Come on, no, it's cooked!
I don't want it to be cooked.
Raw meat cooked over an open flame.
Maybe I didn't wanna do that.
I might've made a mistake.
I'm angry now.
All right, you just messed
with an angry zebra, huh?

I'm just gonna slap you in
the face, not even give you

the chance to use your sword.
I can't believe that's how it works.
I mean, that makes sense,
that's a burning Boko Club.

There's a Bokoblin Horn.
Where's this dude at?
All right, you know what?
What sword am I using?
I'm using the big brass sword,
so let's go ahead and
use a arm, a creepy Bokoblin arm.
I'm just gonna throw it
at your face and miss.

You know, also wanna add that part.
Just go and oh, that worked that time!
All right, I'm gonna go and
pick up this and just smack you.

There we go, that worked charmingly.
What is this, this is a Boko Bow.
A basic Bokoblin bow made of wood.
It's made by taking any
tree branch and just tying

a string to the other end so
don't expect much in the way

of combat effectiveness.
Ooh, ooh, what's happening.
So you get stuff for completing some
of these Bokoblin areas.
Oh, okay.
There's still some
stuff over here as well.

Is that a pile of bones?
All right, let's go ahead
and go up here then.

That's really cool to know though.
I'll have to keep that in mind.
So what is this gonna be?
This is gonna be an Opal.
A valuable ore that gives
off a mesmerizing iridescence

similar to the inside of a seashell.
It contains the power of water.
And there's the last
one we need is up there.

Let's go ahead and mark that actually.
Oh no, that just marked the
top of the tree, I think.

Yup, it did. (laughs)
Not what I want.
There we go.
The problem is that
getting there is super cold

and that's sorta the hard part.
That's where is still don't
really know what to do.

Well we cooked the meat, right?
I don't know, maybe we can still use it.
I gotta know how to cook.
That's the most frustrating
thing is I just simply

do not know how to cook.
Here's another one though.
So here's my second chance at redemption.
I can't believe I made that
shot though, like that was

super awesome.
I got eight arrows now
instead of the other amount

which was like three so,
I'm gonna try to hit him

in the head.
I feel awful doing this.
I missed, I missed.
Man, hunting is, ah!
Okay, fine, you wanna fight?
You wanna fight?
Ow, whoa, he's got like a huge thing.
That's like the first time I've
taken damage while fighting.

Hiya, hiya, oh I gotta destroy
his head or more'll pop up.

That was a big spear, maybe I can like,
Boko Spear, I can't
pick that up right now.

What is this, this is a fang.
Man, that's tough.
Let me go ahead and like, weapons,
drop and then like pick up the spear.
Maybe the spear will be really
great for taking him out.

I'm not sure though and then
there's, what are these?

Oh they're acorns, often found
on the ground near trees.

Squirrels adore this nut
so you may have competition

with while foraging.
Add one to a meal for a nutty seasoning.
(laughs) That's cool and then
some of the arrows I shot.

Hmm, if I could find
that boar one more time.

There's honey over here.
Not what I'm looking for
and we got little fireflies.

Can I pick these guys up?
I got a Sunset Firefly.
These fireflies glow gently in the dark.
When cooked with monster
parts, the compound that causes

it to glow will result in
an elixir that will allow

you to move more quietly.
So a lot of stuff that actually might be
helpful for hunting.
I heard movement.
Where was movement coming from?
I don't know, I'm trying
really hard to get this boar

but maybe if I already
have the cooked meat,

like can I cook meat twice?
I'm gonna assume no, there's
another Bokoblin thing

over here.
I'm so bummed that I finally
got the boar and I didn't

realize it was gonna cook the meat.
Like doesn't that make so much sense?
What is this glowing plant?
There's a glowing plant here.
What is this gonna be?
The Blue Nightshade.
A plant that grows in
quieter areas of Hyrule.

At night, it gives off a soft glow.
Cook it to increase yourself
or stealth, not self.

I mean, I'm sure it
would increase yourself.

You don't see anything
buddy except for my arrow

in your face.
(laughs) He tried to
horn, he tried to horn.

Not gonna happen.
They might've found out though.
I think they figured it out,
there's actually a lot of them.

What are they doing?
Oh they're getting their weapons.
They're getting ready.
They're getting ready for me.
Where are you gonna be?
Oh no I missed.
Okay, hold on, hold on, hold on.
My Bokoblin Arm is badly damaged.
This is actually really scary.
Ouch, oh boy.
I'll go ahead and attack
them with their own spears.

Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh! (laughs)
Get outta here, buddy!
Poke, poke, poke, poke!
Oh my gosh, once you get them
out of their shielding phase,

wow, that was crazy awesome.
Let's go ahead, I'll hit them
with, since this sword is

already badly damaged,
destroy you and then you.

Like damaging, but battling,
is so much fun in this game

and then you are gonna get hurt.
Sorry, buddy.
Ooh, ooh, get outta here!
Nice stuff, I'm gonna go ahead
and equip this normal sword.

I can actually take a few things now.
I don't really need the shield anyways.
Horns and fangs and
everything else in between.

That was a lot of them taken out there.
But not all of them, I
think there's one more.

Yeah, there's one more guy over there.
So let's go ahead and try to
get some arrows, get a horn,

can I pick up another bow and arrow?
I can, might as well
while I have the chance.

There's another chest
here so I'll definitely

be getting that.
No, arrows.
Oh I missed but he missed too.
Aiming is actually really
tough in this game but look

at that, I got that headshot.
Ooh, boy, we're doing
good in some things today,

at least we're making progress
but this next, you know,

this quest is really, really tough.
I gotta say, I wasn't expecting
such a tough quest to like

just complete.
It really takes time
and a lot of discovery.

Here's another arrow.
Doesn't look like he has anything
up there that I wanna snag

so I'm just not gonna
bother climbing up there.

Then I'm just gonna
unsheathe, take this arrow.

This is a Seared Steak.
Raw meat cooked over an open flame.
Cooking this has increased
flavor and the hearts

it provides.
Very cool.
So I could sit at this
fire but I don't really

want to just yet.
Let me go and open up this
chest but yeah, we might wanna

pass time at the fire and
then I might just go to the

old man's house and see if
he can like give me a lecture

on cooking 'cause at this point
I'm clueless on how to cook.

An Opal, a valuable ore that
gives off, yeah, I think we

already read that one.
So there you go, there's that as well
and then, heck, why not?
I'll go ahead and sit by the fire
and we'll sit until morning.
Just go ahead and take a little sit.
That's sorta cute how he
just sorta sits on his knees

like that, I like it.
But yeah, I'm gonna be recording
video games all day today

and then I'm gonna be streaming.
Not when this video's being
posted but if you're watching

this on a Sunday, or not
a Sunday, but the Sunday.

I don't know, nevermind,
it's not gonna be posted

the day this is anyway so,
but I'm gonna be streaming

the day of recording this
which is super exciting because

I can't wait to stream.
I'm gonna be trying to stream
on YouTube for the first time

which is gonna be exciting,
I'm gonna be streaming some

Garden Warfare 2 as per usual.
Bunch of apples, I just
smacked them with a hammer

and it didn't turn into
applesauce, that is ridiculous.

Game not realistic, I'm
returning it to the store

and there's another fire over here.
Whoa, look at this creepy
skull going on here.

This is like some Dark
Souls level stuff now.

This feels like a boss fight area.
You cannot tell me there isn't boss fight
flavors going on here.
What is happening here?
I gotta be sneaky.
There's a fire here and I can
hide in the grass a little bit

so I'm not trying to be seen.
This guy is of course, sorta
keeping this area up here

well preserved though.
I don't know if there's gonna be other,
is that explosives?
You see those like sorta red looking kegs.
Hold on, he sees me but
I'm not gonna care about it

for right now.
Oh no, my bow broke.
How do I?
No, wrong thing, no, I
didn't wanna call him!

I wanted to get another bow.
Oh my gosh, they are
all on the lookout now.

That looks like an explosive barrel.
Doesn't it?
It doesn't do anything.
So maybe it isn't.
All right, I got rid of him.
Hold on, hold on.
Got him, got him, got him but
you really don't have too many

arrows in this game so
you gotta be careful.

All right, I got a Boko Club there.
Are these not explosive barrels?
They look like explosive barrels to me.
I'm gonna try shooting them
now that I'm at point blank

range in a second once I
know there isn't any more

of you guys but there is
so I gotta be careful.

I'm gonna use one of these,
I'm actually running low

on effective tools so I gotta be careful.
Ow, especially since you
actually hurt it quite a lot.

He's laughing at me, hold
on, hold on, hold on.

Let's go ahead and eat.
Wrong button.
What can I eat that
will restore some decent

health right now?
I'm gonna go ahead, probably
just, do I still have,

I still have this cooked
apple that will restore

a good chunk of health.
Just enough so I'm not dying right now.
And then we're gonna go
ahead and keep fighting him.

See, 'cause I'm gonna
wait for your opening

and just smack you right
in the face for it.

There you go, get you outta here.
I can't pick up any of this stuff.
I can pick up this arrow.
Oh, you missed, you missed, you missed,
you missed, you missed.
There we go, I'm gonna get
some good arrows out of you

hopefully or not.
Yeah he isn't dropping anything
but the winds are harsh here.
Holy cow!
What's up here?
Why is the wind so crazy?
I wonder if that's gonna
do any damage to me.

Maybe I can climb up here.
I can, don't know if that
truly has any use to me.

I wanna check this place out
but I'm also horribly nervous.

First off, let's try to shoot this stuff.
Nothing but you know what,
I bet you if I shot it with

a fire arrow though, that
would have imploded it.

Let me go ahead and try to
get my arrows back if I can.

There we go.
Oh wow, there isn't actually,
like this isn't like a cave

to a place, it's just a chest in here.
Okay, what's gonna be in here then?
Fire arrows, yeah!
Okay, awesome, I gotta
try exploding this thing

with a fire arrow.
If we got five extra of them,
equip one, I'm gonna go ahead

and give it a shot.
Wow, that hurt though, that hurt me.
I need to be careful
then, I need to go ahead

and get some food.
I'll go and this is like a
heart and a half so let's go

ahead and eat that.
Hopefully I'm not taking fire
damage right now, I am not.

That did nothing for
me but I had to try it.

You can't just give me a fire
arrow and explosives and not

try it out, oh my gosh,
we're starting a fire.

It's starting an actual fire.
Oh no, I made a big mistake here.
Oh but the winds are
blowing it away, I think.

Maybe, maybe not.
I'll have to keep that in mind.
Destruction you can cause, wow.
Okay, well I'm gonna go
ahead and what's it called,

equip a safer arrow before I
accidentally use another one.

Equip and then I'll equip the sword.
There we go.
Wow the fire's actually no,
okay, that was just a normal

campfire, I thought I
caused a massive forest fire

and just destroyed tons of
preservable wildlife but

not the case quite yet.
Oh there's froggies in here, hi froggy.
Hot footed frog, a quick frog
that can be found hopping

around near water.
Cook it with monster parts to draw out
its speed boost effect.
Very, very cool.
One thing I'm worried about
though and I think I mentioned

this in a previous episode
is I'm worried that,

you know, how this game
might work at some point,

is that if I chop down too
many trees or I take too many

of one animal, what if that
animal can go extinct and

I just can't like value that
resource from this area anymore

'cause I could see something
like that happening in this

kind of game.
Oh there's another boar.
This is gonna be my last ditch
effort at getting a boar.

Maybe I should try to sneak
up on him and I don't know,

I don't think I can, you
know, actually do that

and be successful, I think my
best bet is to land an arrow,

not a fire arrow, but just a normal arrow.
So I'm gonna try to sneak up and see if
I can't get him good.
He's moving right now.
I got him!
Awesome, we actually got a boar!
It took me long enough, so
there we go, we should have

all the ingredients we need.
We have Raw Meat, meat
obtained from animals in plains

and forests.
You can eat it raw but
cooking it will make it more

delicious and nutritious.
So now I just need to figure
out how the heck to cook.

Hopefully the old man will
give me some, you know,

points of advice over at his
house 'cause he does have

a cooking pot there so
I'm gonna go over there

and try to figure it out.
Oh, here's another one.
This one doesn't look like
it has like a chest to it

but it's good to take these
out while I can and get

some of the resources I want from it.
Ooh, I got somebody with that.
Ooh, I got somebody with that one too.
I love how they, the first
thing is that they're at ease

right now, like we are
really intruding on them.

Okay, you know what?
You know what, hold on, hold on, hold on.
Let's go ahead and boom.
Go ahead and get this and
then I'm gonna go ahead

and drop it and then explode that boy.
He went flying!
It broke a tree as well.
Wow, that's amazing.
This game is so stinking cool.
Oh it is so stinking cool.
Let's go ahead and also
get some wood from it

if we're gonna go ahead and
no, take that opportunity.

Wow, very cool stuff.
Go ahead and get whatever
I can really find.

There's some more cooked meat here.
We already know that give us
a ton and there's a lot of

peppers in this area which
once again, I need those.

So take some of these and
then here is a cooking pot.

How does this work?
'Cause I don't think the old
man hasn't taught me a thing,

really, like he's taught me
some things, but not much.

Does that have anything in it?
Seared Steak in there, cool,
and then this is an arrow,

I'll take that.
Okay, so I have a torch, correct?
I do have a torch.
What if I go ahead, I
got the torch lit, can I?

It worked!
Hey look at that.
So let me go ahead and
try to figure this out.

I need pepper, hold.
I need Hylian fish and
then I need raw meat.

I have all three of those
things, hit cook, it actually

worked this time, he's making something!
Oh it makes a little song too.
I have made myself the
Spicy Meat and Seafood Fry.

Awesome stuff, grants low
level cold resistance.

A filling dish made by
cooking fresh seafood

and meat together.
So I cannot eat that.
Check a meal's ingredients
by selecting it wait,

checking it from your inventory
and selecting the recipe.

So that I've made it I can
see the recipe at any point in time?
Recipe but if I eat that
then I won't know the recipe

anymore, I have to remember that.
That's very like, real life.
I don't like it, I don't like
real life in my video games.

But we're gonna pop down here
and see if I can't maybe just

give it to him, 'cause he
should be right here, right?

Old dude?
Yeah, hey old dude.
Let's see, now I know how to cook though.
Well hello, so we meet again.
Oh I was just feeling a chill.
A warm blah blah blah,
campfire, wonderful place.

Okay, how do I give it to him?
Oh look, a little
lizard, hi little lizard.

Can I get you?
I wanna get you, I'm gonna
get you, I'm gonna get,

where'd it go?
He's a quick one, I pressed A to take.
Couldn't take him.
That was adorable though.
But okay, you guys might be
wondering where I'm going.

I was really confused about
this so I looked it up

just to make sure like I
wasn't doing something wrong

and I made the right food
and some people are gonna get

all garble at me for you
know, looking up something

but it's like, I don't really
care, I wanna play the game

and if it's you know, frustrating
me, I'm just not gonna,

you know, deal with that.
I just wanna play the game and enjoy it so
I looked it up and I have
to give it to him at this

cooking pot and arguably that's so uncool.
It's like, he's the old man
anywhere he is, why do I have

to give it to him here?
All right, if you're moved by
the wild culinary
inspirations, feel free to cook

yourself a meal using my pot over there.
I cooked something, here you go, dude.
Wait is that?
That looks just like my
signature perfect dish,

Spicy Meat and Seafood
Fry but how did you?

Well, I suppose that is not important.
Can I trouble you to share the recipe?
Sure thing.
Ah, of course, Hyrule Bass,
how could I have forgotten?

Well done, now please allow
me to reward your culinary

efforts with this warm doublet.
Awesome, it actually
looks like Link's tunic.

A warm pull over typically
worn by mountain folk.

Its sturdy fabric and
thick gloves are great for

retaining body heat.
With that you will be
able to resist the bite

of colder environments.
As for me, I know a great
Spicy Meat and Seafood Fry

recipe so I can do
without the warm doublet.

Awesome, so we're gonna go ahead
and equip this ourselves now, equip.
Maybe I should wait, I don't
know, does these kind of things

have durability?
I really, really hope not.
I have it equipped now
though, it looks amazing.

Very cool.
Okay, so now my goal, is
he doesn't seem to mind

when I take things.
This is a Farmer's Pitchfork.
A farming tool used to
collect hay efficiently.

It's light enough to be used by anyone.
The four prongs are very sharp.
So how much damage is that?
Oh I didn't pick it up.
Okay, so what do I have
equipped right now?

I have a two damage torch.
Okay, I'm gonna go ahead
and drop this because

this is actually is more
damage and I go ahead

and equip it right here.
There you go.
Cool, I'll try to use that at some point.
I don't need to use it
now though so go ahead

and switch to like this poker.
Okay, so there is a chest for this one.
So let's go ahead and oh not
what I want, but it's very cool

that I can throw that.
Yeah, I got him but not in the head.
Oh, before he could call to his friends
so they don't know yet.
I'm gonna be sneaky about it then.
Try to.
Oh, I missed.
Got him.
Got him again but not enough
to take him out but they know

now so they're trying
to get all suited up.

Oh, I broke my bow.
Ooh, right in the noggin, poor dude.
All right, so let's go ahead
and get hmm, I guess I'll get

this out because you don't have
a shield so I can just deal

with you typically you do have a shield
but if I start hitting you now.
Ooh, ooh, ooh okay, I blocked some stuff.
You tried to scream at me,
that's where you went wrong.

All right, so we're getting
a lot of cool stuff here.

Excuse me, pardon me, I'm just
trying to pick some things up

before you know, I defeat
you, so let's go ahead and

destroy this as well.
I can't do it, maybe I
need a bigger weapon.

I have an arrow sticking
out of my shield though.

Scary. (laughs)
All right, all right,
hold on, hold on, let me.

I'm using the wrong things again.
I'll go ahead and just.
No, oh man, you got me good then.
Get outta here.
Jeez, okay, I gotta be careful
but I'm gonna go ahead.

Ding, ding, ding?
What is this a boxing match?
Are you ready to rumble?
Well, I'm not because I
already took everybody out,

you're a little too unready.
So now I gotta go ahead and I have this
bow and arrow equipped, right?
No I do not wanna call, gosh darn it.
This is the second time I've
accidentally done that now.

I need to go ahead and eat
some food and now I don't have

to worry about accidentally
eating something,

you know, valuable.
Oh no, I get to keep that.
Awesome, how much hearts does it?
It refills five hearts, that's more than I
even currently have, insane.
I'm gonna go ahead and just eat that.
It gets me mostly to full health.
Not really worried about that for now.
Let's go ahead and get this
Seared Steak 'cause I just

got more.
Can I pick this up?
I can so I'll go ahead and use it
and then up here.
Let's go ahead and hop up
and see what's in this chest.

This will be the Throwing Spear, wow!
A specialized spear weighted
to excel as a throwing weapon.

It's perfectly balanced to
be thrown farther than your

average spear, able to pierce
targets from a great distance.

Your inventory is full.
Hold on.
Let's go ahead and drop
another one of these.

Let's go ahead and open
this again and take that.

Very cool.
So once again, this is
another thing on the map.

You know you can see it right
next to the Owa Daim Shrine.

It's right here
and also it says there's a
why is it saying?
Did you see that there was a
chest next to its logo there?

What does that mean?
I wonder if that means
there's unfound treasures in

those shrines.
If so, I'll have to keep that in mind.
I think that's what it means.
Okay, for now though.
Got some arrows in here,
which I'll gladly take.

I do not wanna throw.
Like Link has some muscles on him.
If he can throw this, oh
my gosh, he is a tough kid.

Tougher than I am.
I mean I'm a pretty cool
and strong zebra, I guess,

it depends on who you ask.
(laughs) But I'm not that cool and strong.
So what's over here?
Do I need my bombs for this?
We'll try it.
Let's see, ready, set, chuck.
All right, oh there's bees in there.
There are bees in there,
I gotta be careful.

I do not want the bees to get me
but there's a chest in there as well.
So let's throw that.
Oh that didn't do it.
I need to like throw it in there better.
Let's try that one more time.
Ready and throw.
Are they mad?
They're not mad.
What went flying by me?
A mushroom. (laughs)
Okay, come on., let's pick up this.
This is a Course Bee or Courser Bee Honey.
Honey straight from the hive
is chock full of nutrients.

Cooking this into a meal
unlocks the potential of these

nutrients and provides the stamina
or stamina recovery effect.
Very cool and this is yet another chest.
We're finding tons of
loot today which I love

but this is a Bomb Arrow times five.
A bundle of five bomb arrows.
The explosive powder packed
into the tips of these arrows

ignites on impact,
dealing damage to anything

caught in the blast.
Holy cow, why didn't we have
that when we were thinking of

chasing the boar down?
Okay, so finally, we can make
our way into the new areas.

So let's go ahead and
where do we wanna go?

I'm starting to get a little confused
about the location here.
We need to get to there.
So the best way to do that,
I think would either be to go

through the Owa Daim Shrine
and climb our way throughout

that or go from the entrance,
which I think is like about here.
Maybe that'll be the better
course though so since it seems

like the safer route, I think it'll be
the route that we take.
Okay, so we're finally here
and one thing that I've
noticed about this game

and it sorta seems a little scary to me,
is like if I took these peppers
like late in episode two

so it's been like an hour worth
of gameplay time since then

and they still haven't respawned.
Do things respawn in this game?
Or is it a one and done situation?
Is there like a farming system?
Like I'm not sure, is that a boat?
Also, I'm staying warm,
I'm not getting cold.

Hey this is amazing.
Okay, so I need to get up there.
So crossing this river might
be a bit of a difficult thing

but if I could get to that boat.
Could I?
Nope, whoa, I can move it!
I can move it, I can move it.
No wait this is stopping time.
Hold on.
No, I can't move it.
Aw, I got so excited.
I got so very, ooh, what is this?
It's an old house.
Ooh, you see what I seen?
Hold on.
Maybe I can do something with this stuff.
There's some wood over here.
Whoa, could I make my own platform?
I already have Korok Leaf.
I'll take that wood in a second.
Can I break this box?
I can.
Seared Steak, oh cool.
That was like a preservation box,
I guess to preserve the steak.
And then there's a cooking pot over here.
Could I like, what can
I do with this wood?

If I'm holding the wood,
could I make a bridge?

No, that's not what I wanted.
Then I already picked up
what was in here, right?

I think I did.
Well I could keep walking.
If I could find a way to get to that.
What if I
can I try to find a good,
what, what was that noise?
Ah, no, stop!
Okay, hold on, hold on.
Hold on, I'm not ready.
You jerks.
There we go.
Ooh, I am doing good, I am doing good.
I'll take it.
There's a few more things over there.
Am I overencumbered?
Did I just start walking slower?
I don't know, it just feels
like I started walking slower.

That might be the case.
I think there definitely
is some kind of sense

of encumberment in this game.
Anyways, I need some nom noms.
So we're gonna go ahead and get some food.
I'm probably gonna get
cooked food if I can.

So like this is, this
is gonna fill me more

than I need though so maybe I
could just go ahead, fill up.

I have 23 apples, hold
on, hold on, hold on.

There we go, that's better.
Hold on guys, I just gotta
chuck my face full of apples.

Stasis, what if I and then
I equip the Korok Leaf?

Lets go ahead and try to stop
time on this thing and then.

It just doesn't go far enough.
I don't know what I
can do about that then.

Maybe nothing.
I don't know, that's very weird
and I'm gonna assume that I
cannot swim in this water.

Yeah, it's too cold, it's
too cold, it's killing me,

it's killing me.
Get up, get up, get up.
Wow, that almost instantly destroyed me.
Okay, I knew it was gonna
be bad but not that bad.

Okay, at least I got a bunch more apples.
Eat 'em, eat 'em, eat 'em, eat 'em.
Look at him go.
Look at him, he's got like
he had, you know that age,

he's like 13, so he's probably
going through puberty.

He has that puberty hunger.
All right, so, I gotta be careful then
and I guess one thing you
could do, maybe that's what

the game is set up to do,
there's an old fireplace there.

I bet if you had a torch,
you could go from fireplace

to fireplace warming yourself up.
That's interesting.
Luckily we don't have to
do that because we do have

the warm doublet.
And this area over here
seems entirely different.

I mean, right over here.
Oh, you know what?
You know what, dude?
Hold on stay there, stay beautiful.
I'm gonna go ahead and equip,
I only have Bokoblin Bows

right now.
Let's try this out, hold on.
Wrong button.
Oh no, I broke your ice, okay
then I'm not even worried.

No, you're building another one.
There we go.
Got rid of you.
What are these?
These are White Chuchu Jelly.
A jiggly substance that can
come from an Ice Chuchu.

It's cool to the touch and squeezing it
seems to relieve stress.
If struck, it will explode in a cold mist.
Wow, so you could just make
a stress relieving ball,

that's actually pretty funny.
What is going on over here
though, 'cause this looks like

the best way to get
across without that boat.

Ah, more of them, all right,
let's go ahead and boom.

I'm glad we have these fire
arrows for now but I won't have

them forever so that's a limited resource.
Gosh darn it, wrong button.
(laughs) Learning the controls
is one thing for sure.

I'm gonna go ahead and equip
something maybe a little

more helpful though even if
it's just a five damage sword.

It's gonna be, you know,
something I would like

instead of the leaf.
I love that the orange there
it reflects off the water.

Uh oh, we have these guys
now and I gotta be careful

'cause they're gonna start
coming for me in a second.

I'm not gonna try to hit these
guys with bow and arrows.

Here, boom, got ya, got ya.
It wasn't that bad anyways.
Ow, no he froze me.
Ouch, that really, really hurt.
Okay, hold on.
But I can hit them but
that explosion of cold.

Oh gosh, okay, well, there we go.
Definitely more with it to
explode them with fire stuff

but I don't have much more
so I gotta be careful.

Darn, that was tough.
I'm already back down to half health so.
Not being horrible at the game
seems to you know, work out

pretty well.
I can't like eat you, no, I
just can't like eat you alive.

That would be horrible
anyways, I don't wanna do that.

I'll go ahead and eat one
more of you because actually

it'll fill me up to full.
Awesome stuff, I got
more White Chuchu Jelly,

which I don't think I can eat that.
That's sorta like my gauge right now.
Can I eat it?
Can I not?
Well then it might not
be good enough for me.

I love the tracks in the snow
though, that's really cool.

Ancient screw, don't know
what I'm actually going

to be able to use all this
ancient stuff but I wanna get

it now so that if I do
need it later, I don't need

to run around the whole game again.
Oh and there's another one,
oh it's not cold over there,

I don't think.
Oh, do you see what I see?
We gotta use that to get across to here.
Oh we definitely do.
What if we carry that
stuff back over there

and got the boat?
That might be what we have to do.
That is something we wanna
try to do very soon then.

But first, look at this
little tree hut they got.

They got a luxury in calamity
but not Calamity Ganon.
Okay, hold on, hold on, cancel.
So if I,
here is how I can switch
my arrows on the fly.

Still pretty difficult though.
Ooh, right in the face.
Ooh, right in the shoulder.
Ooh, right in the face.
Oh, how did that one miss?
Oh, there's a blue one.
Uh oh.
The blue ones look scary, we've
only faced red ones so far

and he has like dark
like night stalker eyes.

He's throwing stuff at me, you barbarians.
I'm throwing things at you
but with a propelled weapon.

So that means I am more of a gentleman.
It'd be cool if I could throw
one of my bombs up there

actually so let's go ahead
and try that really quickly.

Just try to throw that up there.
That did not work.
Well, maybe they could
come down here, huh?

They're not like looking into it.
Like they're not interested.
No, I can't throw it like that.
I can't throw it while
I'm in the air, really?

Fine then.
Come on down, come on down.
That did now work.
He looked down like what was that?
I have a bunch of spicy
peppers though, mama mia.

How do I get up there?
You guys got like a fancy little idea.
Oh there's a drawbridge.
How many arrows do I have?
Hold on.
How many arrows do I have?
I have one arrow.
I was thinking like maybe,
just maybe I could shoot down

the ropes here.
This might be like totally
not worth it but I gotta try.

That didn't work?
Darn, my Boko Bow broke.
(laughs) Boko Bow broke.
So the best way to get up
there would be to lower that

drawbridge however I can.
Hitting it with Fire Arrow
might be the best way.

Let's go ahead and try to.
Oh, that broke it!
You guys saw that, right?
You guys saw my cool stuff
ideas I got going on.

This zebra has a brain on him.
What do we got here?
Another Spicy Pepper.
So I'm going on that drawbridge, dude.
You can't stop me.
There we go.
I'm actually starting to
like the motion controls

now that I'm getting more used to it.
Okay, buddy, hold on.
So you were waiting for
the drawbridge yourself?

Maybe I killed the only guy
who knows how to work it.

There we go, I got rid of him.
Now I got you and you are
scary so I'm gonna go ahead,

you're running though.
Ooh, that hit ya but look at you.
You are still fine, whoa.
We are just knocking
them all over the place.

Poke 'em, poke 'em, poke 'em.
You can't handle the pokes, can ya?
Get back here, get back here.
No, he found a sword.
Hey, hold on, hold on.
And then throw and then
explode and then I need to find

another weapon and quick.
I'll go ahead and hit
him with the big hammer.

Big hammer it is, ready, set.
Ooh, the swing!
He's a fighting game character
right now put him in back

in Smash.
He's already in Smash but
put him back in there,

Soldier's Broadsword.
A sword brandished by the
soldiers who once protected

Hyrule Castle.
Its durable blade is well
tuned for slaying monsters.

Awesome, so we get a
Bokoblin Horn, Bokoblin Fang,

and then what is this?
This is Bokoblin Guts.
A rare material obtained
by defeating a Bokoblin.

It convulses on its
own every now and then,

which is really creepy,
but perhaps it has a use.

Wow, okay.
We got a torch over here
I'm not really interested in

but I'm glad we got like
a new type of weapon.

Don't have the inventory
for that, I understand.

For now though, I don't wanna equip that.
I don't know, I just feel
like, so let's go ahead

and get the club.
What else do we have here?
Anything else of use?
There was actually no chest for that one.
I'll go up there and
explore a little bit because

I really haven't, I plopped back off.
There is actually some
things of interest up here.

Okay, so this right here, what is this?
This is a Amber.
A fossilized resin with a
caramelesque sheen to it.

It's been valued as a component
in decorations and crafting

since ancient times.
Very cool.
Let's also go ahead and mark that.
Don't know if or when we're
gonna be able to use that

but hopefully we can.
Then what is going on over here?
We got ourselves a Bokoblin Horn,
another bow and arrow, some arrows.
What is this?
This is gonna be an Arrow times five.
Okay, awesome, awesome stuff.
I think, what do we got here?
Another arrow.
I think that might be where
we finish things off for now.

That was a lot of fun adventuring.
This was honestly, I'm
glad I had to rerecord this

'cause this was really
more productive and fun

than the first time I had to do it
so awesome stuff, I hope you
guys enjoyed today's episode

of The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild.
Thank you guys so much for watching.
I'll see you next time, bye bye.
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The Warm Doublet! - The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Gameplay - Episode 3

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raychen0918 published on March 21, 2019
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