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If you know doughnuts, you know the pink doughnut box.
Especially if you're familiar with Southern California, which has hundreds of doughnut shops, most with the pink boxes.
But while you may recognize the box, you may not know it's central to a story about chasing the American dream.
The pink box phenomenon all started with a man named Ted.
Ted Ngoy came to California as a Cambodian refugee in the 1970s.
He got into the donut business and became the owner of dozens of shops.
Ted sponsored other refugees and taught them the business and helped them open their own shops.
Since Ted used the pink boxes, so did everybody else.
Ted became known as the Doughnut King.
My name is Mayly Tao and I am the Doughnut Princess of L.A.
The Doughnut Princess's great uncle, the one and only Doughnut King, Ted Ngoy.
He taught Mayly's parents the business in the 1980s and they started this shop.
Mayly took it over a few years ago.
And beyond Mayly, Ted's legacy lives on through, you guessed it, those pink boxes.
When we came to L.A., my parents owned a doughnut shop for 26 years.
We use the pink doughnut boxes.
In the Asian community, red is a lucky color, so therefore, using the pink box, it's no coincidence about it.
The pink box is overwhelmingly the favorite of the doughnut shop industry.
That's Len Bell, he should know.
His company manufacturers about 12 to 15 million doughnut boxes every year.
While the pink boxes are still an iconic part of the doughnut landscape, owners are putting a new spin on things.
Mayly makes some of the same doughnuts her parents used to make.
But like everything, times are a changin'.
When I took the business over from my parents, they were using the generic pink boxes that you see everywhere.
But our doughnuts were not generic, and I needed to reflect that upon our new, upgraded boxes.
And what does your mom think about that, Mayly?
My mom does not really approve of the new boxes.
They're a little bit more expensive, and it's not really what she's used to, but I think it's a sign of new doughnut times.
Yum, sounds delicious.
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The Reason Why Your Doughnut Box is Pink

5451 Folder Collection
Vvn Chen published on April 18, 2019    Vvn Chen translated    Liang Chen reviewed
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