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(uptempo music)
There are 43 quintillion possible combinations.
Now imagine you have no websites, no books
and no one to show you how to solve it,
because you invented it.
But you didn't invent the Rubik's Cube.
(enchanting music)
This guy did.
It was 1974.
Thirty-year-old Erno Rubik was just beginning
his career in academia.
Once the physical cube was put together,
Erno began hunting for its secrets.
Erno racked his brain for a strategy,
twisting and turning the cube in his hands
and his head to unlock his creation.
And after a month, he cracked the code.
(turning cube)
But the story doesn't end there.
In 1980, Erno would finally bring his cube
to the world.
And from there, it took off,
becoming one of the best selling toys
of all time.
And after almost 40 years,
Rubik's Cube has seen a comeback,
with hundreds of competitions every year
across the world.
For Erno, the cube that bears his name
is more than just a toy:
it's a reminder to never give up.
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How the Inventor of the Rubik’s Cube Cracked His Own Code

409 Folder Collection
Vvn Chen published on March 20, 2019    Karen translated    Evangeline reviewed
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