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KidsHealth presents 'How The Body Works', with Chloe
and the Nurb.
Oh my gosh!
Oh my gosh!
Oh my gosh!
They're here!
Oh, Chloe!
What a pleasant surprise to see you here.
The oranges in my garden are finally ripe.
Oh, sunshine and goodness.
I brought you one.
Those look glorious, but I -- I couldn't.
All you have to do is peel it.
But I can't peel it.
[screaming sound effect]
Nurb, you've been biting your nails again.
I can't help it Chloe, especially when I'm nervous,
excited, or just bored.
It's OK, a lot of people bite their nails.
A lot of Nurbs, too, I guess.
What should I do?
I wonder if you might stop biting your nails
if you knew more about these useful little tools attached
to the end of our fingers.
I happen to know a lot about nails.
Teach it Chloe!
Well, first, we need a model.
Nice model.
Yes, very nice.
My -- my nails!
Nurb, control yourself.
This is your chance to get to know your nails
in a friendly non-biting way.
Now, let's meet the parts of the nails.
The nail starts at the nail root,
just like my orange tree grows out of a tree root.
What's that?
That's the cuticle.
It's a bit of skin that protects the nail.
That sounds handy.
And fingery.
Oh, what's that?
It's beautiful.
That's the lunula.
It gets it name from the Latin word for moon, "luna."
Isn't that cool, Nurb?
Oh, whoops.
How did that happen?
Silly me.
Anyways, ain't no thing.
I can quit whenever I want.
It's just such a -- a nice nail.
Well, getting to know the nail clearly didn't work.
Let's try something I like to call,
(SPOOKY VOICE) Chloe scare tactic.
[howling wolf]
Think of all the things you touch in a day --
dirt from the ground, animals you pet, your dirty gym socks.
[screaming woman]
When you bite your nails, all those germs get into your mouth
and can make you sick.
What else can happen?
When you bite your nails, you can get a hang nail
or tear the skin.
Aw -- oh no!
That's not all.
You can also get a paronychia!
Fancy word.
That's another name for a painful and icky infection
around one of your nails.
Fingernail, please forgive me.
I'm so sorry I've bit, nibbled, and chewed on you.
I'll never ever do it again.
I'll do anything to win you back.
Can you ever forgive me?
Oh, thank you!
Thank you!
I don't know why I did what I did.
I -- I love you.
OK, Nurb.
You have learned well.
Ready for your test?
As ready as I'll ever be.
You did it, Nurb!
How does victory taste?
Mm, like sweet sunshine, and goodness, and respect.
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How Your Nails Work

104 Folder Collection
Amy.Lin published on March 19, 2019
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