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  • Oh My God! What!

  • What the hell is this? What?

  • That's weird, that's weird What are they doing?

  • I mean interesting, I just don't think it is closely related to the original Harlem

  • Shake Yeah I know the Harlem Shake, but that ain't

  • the Harlem Shake No, that's not the Harlem Shake

  • It looks way different Yeah, it doesn't look like the original Harlem

  • Shake But its not the Harlem Shake, like at all\

  • That's not the shake B oh no good! That's not it

  • This is not what the Harlem Shake it at all Yeah that shit's kinda bugged out, it's definitely

  • not the Harlem Shake That's not the Harlem Shake at all, that's

  • humping and that's not the Harlem Shake It ain't no Harlem

  • They're dry humping air I think that their misinformed

  • The look like they just smoked some dust I feel like they're trying to disrespect us

  • That don't live in Harlem, they don't come from Harlem, they come from a strange planet

  • It's making us look bad Its an absolute mockery of what it was, cause

  • there's actually a sense of rhythm that goes along with it.

  • They just think, oh you just move the upper part of your body.

  • They're playing around with it, they're not taking it serious, what it really is

  • People making a fool of themselves, rubbing on each other, but it's not the Harlem Shake

  • Its actually an art form, a dance art form, it doesn't have the respect that it should deserve

  • Yeah, it looks like they are making fun of it

  • An injustice

  • They're disrespecting the Harlem swag number one, cause number one Harlem wouldn't be dressing like this

  • He's humping his man, that's no good

  • I guess a bunch of idiots Our whole Harlem Shake is different, I'll

  • bring girls down here and show you the Harlem Shake

  • Word up Harlem is not like that. Do you see people

  • around here doing that crap? They're basically taking what we do, like

  • your dances and making a joke of it I feel this is really a violation towards

  • Harlem and everybody's that in Harlem It's something we take serious, its not a

  • dance, its really a lifestyle So this will just be another thing, another

  • vehicle for America to take off on and make money on. And I'm sure they'll be some corporate

  • person somewhere, that's gonna capitalize on this and be able to put money in it and its gonna take off

  • Zombie gone crazy

  • That looks like the pump it nine-five right there

  • It's just the shake, but it ain't the Harlem Shake

  • The wacky tacky He looks like he's doing the crocodile move.

  • Show them my shoes. Just look at my shoes right.

  • That's west 4th street dancing, people on west 4th street would do that. Nobody in Harlem

  • would do that. The Harlem nut sacks busted, its not really

  • the Harlem Shake at all That represents Jersey, California, Florida\'85that

  • is not Harlem I'm like, that's not the Harlem Shake like.

  • We need our respect Stop, please

  • Find a new hobby Stop your bullshit

  • Stop that shit Ya'll need to stop that shit, come on man

  • Do you know the history of Harlem? If your gonna make one of these videos, please

  • do the Harlem Shake. Not just waiving your arms doing the spongebob

  • Don't come down here doing that If ya'll do that in Harlem, I promise yawl,

  • yawl would get hurt. I'm sorry If you're not from Harlem don't do anything

  • associated with it Don't' try to be someone you're not, basically.

  • Stick to your roots That shit is corny

  • They gotta come out with a little bit better dancing, with that is. You got to be really

  • on beat when you're doing it It started it Harlem. It started in Harlem,

  • but not that shit they doing. Not what they doing. The Harlem Shake is like this, that's Harlem

  • That's the Harlem Shake

  • It's supposed to be like you feel me That's the Harlem strut. I say I come in 1969.

  • Harlem, Harlem, Harlem, Harlem on my mind And Harlem has been the innovator for many

  • different things. Many different things. You know we came up with hip-hop. Hip-hop

  • came back out in the 80's when I was coming up. You know, and we use to be in the park

  • and stuff like that. So it just shows that we are still innovating and these things are

  • not gonna stop us going into the future Harlem is actually really hardcore if you

  • think about it. It is a whole bunch of gangs and fights and everything. And that's just

  • looks like some silly stuff They're just making fun of it. There nothing

  • like, Manhattan proper. You can tell if they are from harlem and that's what its called

  • the Harlem Shake and the voice of Harlem. Word

  • Cause that right there, Harlem Shake come on. Who doesn't know about the Harlem Shake.

  • P-diddy, you know, you know Motion, and dirty Kirk and them and P. Diddy. Eve, you know,

  • 'who's that girl', you know It's Harlem, Harlem World

  • Red, Yellow, Black, and White, why can't we live in peace and never, never fight.

  • Harlem on my mind, since 1969 This is K-dub, aka Crisis, reporting from

  • Harlem, one two fifth, I'm out Come to Harlem, play some P. Diddy with G-depp,

  • Harlem Shake routine, throwback, you know, special delivery, you know. If you don't know

  • that, then I don't know what to tell you my man, for real. Harlem Shake is where it used

  • to be and need to come back. Aight!

Oh My God! What!

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The Story of the Real Harlem Shake

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