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Hi everyone!
We are Luke and Sl1de and you're watching “Science of Victory”.
Today we'll review all-purpose setups and pick the one we believe to be most effective.
But first let's look back on which tanks we advise to pick from.
The T1 is strongly favoured among the tier 1 tanks.
The AMX 1390 is the clear leader of the tier 8 light tanks.
The advised medium tanks are the Pershing, T69 and Object-416.
Not to forget the Borsig from the TDs.
And we picked the AMX 50 100, T32 and IS-3 from the heavies.
Don't forget that a good replacement for the Soviet tank is the Chinese 110.
There are many options for lineups, but depending on your plan, only a few are competitive.
One thing is clear – we have to take five tier eights and two tier 1 T1 Cunninghams.
The rest is more complicated.
Which vehicles to pick?
The first thing that comes to mind is to pick five heavies.
This setup may bring you a positive win rate, and let you disregard complex tactics.
Everything is simple; barely scout, select a direction and charge!
Nice and easy.
OK, let's be honest; no scouting – you can just advance together and rush!
This is the easiest way to win and it works pretty well too!
But not always, there are flaws.
If the enemy has good scouting then almost certainly you will be spotted early
and your attack won't surprise anyone.
In this situation you will be unsuccessful as a respectable enemy will set up in ambush and wait for you.
Another thing that is worth paying attention to is the protection of your base.
A good enemy will often use cunning when they see such an aggressive setup.
They will engage you with fewer tanks, sacrificing them to win with a cap.
This force can delay you for enough time to prevent you from getting back.
Well… that's the chance you take with a rush tactic!
Another setup includes a TD; so in our case a Borsig.
You can even pick two TDs.
What can we say?
This setup can be dangerous.
One salvo from the Borsigs and one tank is gone!
The most popular tactic for such setups is to wait for the enemy to attack
and to get a HP advantage from the Borsigs firepower.
Then, counter attack and finish them.
The TDs themselves try to remain unseen by firing from afar using their allies vision.
Such tricks work well against impatient opponents
but experienced teams know how to outplay such campy behaviour.
The most important thing is to use all of your tanks to the max
and try to corner the enemy into the smallest possible part of the map.
Just don't rush in with guns blazing, you'll face the consequences.
Let's look at a setup with four heavies and a light tank.
The main weakness of this lineup is its vulnerability on city maps.
It can be quite hard to win against a heavier lineup.
But it's only 3 maps out of 10.
The French 13 90 is very valuable on the rest of them.
First of all it's a great scout.
The ninety can provide critical information about your enemy movements on the field of battle.
The tank's significance increases if the enemy has no scout of their own.
Then you can be bolder.
Want to take the hill on Mines singlehandedly? Easy.
Secure the center of the Abbey? Sure.
Scout early in Prokhorovka, Lakeville, Cliff or Ruinberg? No problem.
You will get vital info right from the very beginning.
This can give you an advantage when battling decent opponents.
Just use this information wisely: shoot at spotted enemies and adjust your tactics.
We'll talk about this stuff in more depth in other episodes of “Science of Victory”.
Let's get back to the setups.
The small size and high mobility of this tank lets you escape from the most-dire of situations.
Don't forget the 13 90 can transform from an effective scout into a fierce fighter when needed.
Well those are 3 basic setups, but we consider that two T1s,
a ninety and four heavies is the most effective all-purpose setup for “Team Battles”.
It is good for both experienced players and players new to this game mode.
But heavies to pick? It's entirely your choice.
I would recommend two IS-3s and two AMX 50 100s.
It's effective at both attacking, and defending on nearly any map.
What about the medium tanks?
Well, all of them are good.
The firm-headed Pershing, the drum-bearing T69 and the mobile Object 416.
It's just it's harder to get the most out of them so I recommend you get some experience in this mode first.
You need to fully understand the role of the med before deploying them;
otherwise you'll simply have an underperforming heavy, not the effective medium you expect.
To sum up; mediums are good in experienced hands.
And we are starting from the basics.
So we won't pick mediums for our perfect setup.
By the way, Sl1de has his own ideal setup.
So we'll using this opportunity to have a test:
Simply guess what setup you think Sl1de prefers in the comments below!
Also in your comment; ask a question you want sl1de to answer
and we'll have an episode where he will reply to the most interesting ones!
A perfect chance to get your unique question answered!
That's all I have for today.
Until we meet again.
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Which tanks to choose? Science of Victory #7

473 Folder Collection
raychen0918 published on March 18, 2019
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