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  • [music playing]

  • Achoo!

  • Since I'm under the weather, Jasmine, you'll have to rule in my place--for today, anyway.

  • OhOK, father.

  • You'll sit on the throne and attend to all my business matters.

  • Of course!

  • Oh-- [sneezes] and one other thing...

  • Don't worry, father.

  • I've got this.

  • Finally, I get my chance to make a difference in Agrabah.

  • [snarling]

  • Consider this royal proclamation signed.

  • And consider this other--hey, where'd the proclamation go?

  • Is all this hard work boring you, Rajah?

  • [whining]

  • Why don't we take a little break?

  • Since I'm queen for today, that means I can make royal decrees.

  • [quizzical growl]

  • I decree that today is "Feed the Queen an Apple" Day.

  • [approving growl]

  • Yes, my Queen.

  • At once, my Queen!

  • Hmm.

  • It's good to be the Queen.

  • [happy growl]

  • Carpet, are there any more apples?

  • Hey, what are you--

  • See, Rajah?

  • This job isn't boring.

  • [snarling]

  • What else can you juggle, Carpet?

  • [chirping]

  • Wow.

  • Wow, wow, wow, wow, wow, wow.

  • [growling]

  • Um, Carpet, I don't know if that's a good idea.

  • [grunting]

  • Well, that's what happens when you mess with Rajah.

  • [growling]

  • Well, Abu!

  • I hear you're working on a performance for the children of Agrabah.

  • [chirping]

  • Let's see what you've got.

  • [chirping]

  • Everyone is going to love it!

  • Rajah, are you painting a new mural for the marketplace?

  • [affirmative grunt]

  • [paint splattering]

  • [laughter]

  • Aladdin, Abu tells me you have an idea for the children's show as well.

  • Ahem.

  • What-- is the meaning of all this?

  • Father!

  • You're all better.

  • Yes, and I hope I didn't interrupt your little talent show.

  • Well, it's just that--

  • Aladdin was about to do some card tricks.

  • Oooh!

  • [laughs] I love card tricks.

  • Oh, Father.

  • [giggles]

[music playing]

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    Liang Chen posted on 2019/05/03
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