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Hi, Link. Congratulation on your job transfer. Btw, didn't you say “video 30” is the final tutorial? Why do you make Tutorial 31 again?
In order to thank all my subscribers for 5k sub, I managed to explain something easier that most beginners might understand but not fully.
Speaking of sneakstrike, why don't you wear Sheikah Set?
Only making conditions harder can figure out the bottom line of sneakstrike, and I'd also like to avoid misunderstanding that what I did is only for Sheikah Set.
Besides, it can be a reference to “the Trial of Sword”. Taking this opportunity, I can also prove CHAMPION won't be beat even without stealth boost! Most importantly, I do love this set.
Enemy Awareness Mechanism
Enemy's Consciousness Pattern
【Area】No awareness (no mark) and Being confused (“?” mark)
(It's impossible to do sneakstrike when the enemy is in cumulating ”?”)

【Restriction】Searching (no mark)
【Attack】Hostility(“!” mark)
【Area】No awareness (no mark)
【Area】Being confused (“?” mark)
【Restriction】Searching (no mark)
【Attack】Hostility(“!” mark)
【Area】No awareness (no mark) – an enemy has about 60 degree longitudinal vision, about 90 degree transverse vision, and short-range hearing. (Note: certain enemies would turn their heads or dance.)
In this state, you can act under certain (low) volume. (Note: touching the enemy or sticking around too long would be perceived.)
In this state, we often approach enemies' back in low volume,
like “landing with paraglider opened”, “low-speed moving”, and “crouch walk/hop”.
If the enemy is in “Confused (“?” mark)” state, it will pop its head and look left and right for 3 seconds after it reaches its confusing spot, and then come back to its original position.
Though attacking towards somewhere to confuse the enemies will widen their vision, it's convenient to anger them temporarily.
Arrows make sounds, but sword beam doesn't.
We can do sneakstrike chain more easily in this state. (Note: 8 times damage and stun is triggered unless you sneakstrike it face to face because it suddenly turned around.)
If an enemy gets damage, it will become "Restricted state".
And then go forwards towards where the attack comes from 4~6 times.
If we're discovered by it in this state, it'll directly turn into "Attack state".
If the enemies are in restricted state, they'll completely lose their hearing.
They won't be aware of us even if we're whistling, running, touching, and jumping behind them.
It's just the opportunity for sneakstrike.
Headshot is an easy way to approuch their backs.
Monsters will turn to the attack source with a short spring, and turn into "Restricted".
Headshot from the air is the easiest way to take monsters' backs in the restricted state.
Indeed, you can also combine it with another technique to be a new combo.
Basically, the period of changing consciousness states is "restricted" state, such as "kicking bombs", "on the way to its original place", "being attacked", and so on.
If the target faces player in the begining, you can push a bomb to turn its consciousness state into "retricted".
After it showed its back to us, we can get close to sneakstrike anytime.
But pleace note that the enemy only lose its hearing in the restricted state, so you'll be still discovered if you're in front.
Even if it faces a wall, you can give it a hit from its side before sneakstriking it so as to do a sneakstrike chain smoothly.
【Area】 Being confused with the sound made from arrows
【Restricted】Sneakstrike source→arrow source→go picking up its weapon
In this way, you can also attack red-maned or blue-maned lynels consistently behind their backs until they die.
As long as making good use of headshots, you can kill them without being discoverd.
There is a condtion that the sneakstriked enemy will not turn to the direction where the attack came from after sliding down.
The reason is that it'll turn to the "source", not the "direction".
Please watch the red circle (the final attack source).
Knowing this reason, we can easily sneakstrike the enemy even if it's slided down.
Leaving the combat is the only way to get out of the "attack" state (no combat BGM).
The enemy's hearing will become sensitive after it recovers from the attack state.
Link is still discovered even if approaching with crouch (except dancing monsters). In this state, we can warp or reload the game to reset its consciousness state,
or approch it with low-speed moving (push L stick slightly) or landing with paraglider opened.
The sound of low-speed moving (including low-speed crouch moving) is shorter than normal crouch moving.
【Releave Awareness】Spinning the camera and bringing the enemies out of the screen can ease their awareness.
In other words, if the enemy that is going to be in the attack state is not in your screen and you go away, it cannot discover you.
In combat shown now in the video, you can find something that can obstruct its view, take it out of camera to ease its attack consciousness.
You can have the enemy return his oringinal state without running far away.
【Non-sneakstrike Scenario】There are no window of sneakstrike opportunity even if approaching enemy's back once we accidentally let it not walk for a distance.
Since the enemy became this state, we cannot sneakstrike it even if take its back.
Especially, "no-moving confused state".
Even if we try to make the enemy become retricted state, we only put off the time of non-sneakstrike scenario.
Non-sneakstrike Scenario+confused state→searching(towards the attack source)
In this stae, all we have to is wait for its returning (restricted state).
Let's take 2 Moblins for example.
As soon as I headshot the first Moblin, the second Moblin's ? mark appears.
The second Moblin went to confused state without moving, so non-sneakstrike Scenario even though it got a headshot and turned to restricted state.
The first Moblin's restricted state is caused from no awareness state, so it can be sneakstriked.
If you'd like to try to sneakstrike 2 monsters by consciousness machanism,
at first, forcing them to move, stunning them at the same time,
and then stop one monster with stasis and sneakstrike the other one.
After stasis is over, sneakstrike the monster left when it turns to its dead partner or the attack source.
Though Moblin is too big to approach its back quickly,
You can keep attacking Bokoblins and Lizalfoses before being discovered by taking their backs consistently.
Ways to buy time for taking monsters' backs
Way(1) - Stun: Critical hit (throwing weapons or headshots), shockwave, and so on.
Throwing weapons and hitting the small monster will force it to be stunned. After recovering, it will turn to the place where Link was standing when he threw the weapon (the attack source).
Headshots are quite easy and effective to buy time.
It's really useful in Trial of the Sword as well.
If you'd like to use shockwave to buy time, please note that the enemy should be in confused state first.
You can also do item-holding cancel to take its back in time.
Way(2) - Bomb: before being seen, monsters will keep kicking the bomb if it's within its combat area.
If the monsters is dedicated to playing bombs agaist the wall, it's a perfect restricted state that you can do everything you want behind it.
Way(3) - Stasis: hearing and vision of monsters freezed by stasis are also completely freezed. Whatever you do during this period will not be discovered by the monster.
But please note the time limit of stasis. (small silver monsters 3 seconds, Yiga members 5 seconds, etc.)
It's also useful in Trial of the Sword.
Beginning trial 8F - sneakstriking a Lizalfos
We can also use "Critical hit + Stasis" to buy more time.
Way(4) - Effects: before being discovered, we can also buy time with effects. Fire: 3s / Lightning: 3s (golden 1.5s)/ Ice: 30s (golden 3s).
Fire: monsters will get effect stun consistently if we add fire effect again after the fire on them appears.
As to lightning, whenever you add the lightning effect, they will get stunned consistently.
However, please note that the golden monsters recover 2 times quicker than the others.
The effect-stun time freezed by ice effects is longest.
Although the enemy will be knocked away if you attack it in this state, you can run and take its back quickly, or use stasis to buy more time.
Or use lightning arrows to let it stay in situ without knockaway.
Moreover, monsters will get stunned if you attack them after they're freezed by stasis.
If they're freezed by ice arrows in their stun state and then got damage in the ice-freezed state, they won't be knocked away.
Please note monsters will not get effect damage or stun if they're in the stasis-freezed state.
Thus if you'd like to use stasis and effects to buy time, please remember to use stasis after effect arrows.
If you headshot the monster with fire arrows, though fire on it still works consistently, effect-stun will not continue.(if no ice arrows)
So you can shoot the lightning arrows or freeze it with ice arrows or stasis quickly to buy time.
Lizalfos's Blindspot & Monster Mask
【Lizalfos's Blindspot】There is an interval/spacing between Lizalfos's eyes and bodys.
As long as they're not in attack consciousness state, they will not discover Link while Link stays between his eyes and bodys.
In Lizalfos's retricted state, you can sneakstrike it easily.
(Btw, Lizalfos's weakness is that it will get stunned immediately and stop its attack if it gets a hit.)

【Consciousness Reset(effect arrows)】While wearing a monster mask, even if the enemy won't be in attack state, you cannot sneakstrike it in this state.
Effect arrows (except ancient arrows) can frighten enemies and reset their consciousness state.
And then often run away the opposite direction,
unless there are no foothold for it to escape.
So you can lead the monster to escape the correct direction to sneakstrike.
【Consciousness Reset(falling items)】Thunder or dropping a chest with Amiibo can terrify monsters to reset their consciousness.
【Consciousness Reset(falling items)】Catching and dropping metal items with Magnesis can also terrify monsters to reset their consciousness.
【Consciousness Reset(Bonfires)】So can plenty of bonfires.
【Consciousness Reset(Bombs)】So can bombs. Moreover, monsters will not run away.
We can sneakstrike the monster while its consciousness is changing.
However, it is somewhat hard to do a sneakstrike chain against Bokoblins and Lizalfos (only sneakstrike one time), whereas we can sneakstrike Moblins consistently with bomb reset more easily.
Specfic food can also reset monsters' consciousness, but silver or golden monsters will not be lured by food (except golden Bokoblins).
It is also hard to do a sneakstrike chain against Bokoblins with food(only sneakstrike one time).
【Angering Monsters】Unequiping the mask,or attacking the monster with the mask on will anger the monster.
Picking up its weapon or food also angers it.
(There are also many other ways else.)

Team Fight and Stealth Boost Lv.3
Though sneakstrike looks quiet, in fact, it makes sounds when the monster falls over after being sneakstriked.
Even if you place a bomb in front of it, it'll turn to the sneakstriked partner unless the bomb appears in front of it in the beginning.
Or sneakstrike a number of enemies at once. It's easier if you use weapons like crusher that sneakstrike from Link's bottom-left.
Otherwise, all we have to do is wait for its consciousness change.
【2 Bokoblins - without freezing】Ensure Bokoblins' restricted states with "confused state+walk+downward thrust".
Bokoblins walked, so it meets the conditions.
In the begining, use stasis to freeze one Bokoblin and sneakstrike the other one.
Monsters will not be affected by nearby sounds when they are 「changing consciousness state」「stunned」「getting effect damage」「freezed by Stasis」.
【3 Bokoblins - without freezing】it's difficult to sneakstrike 3 Bokoblins only with Stasis, so let's use one ice arrow.
Because of using an ice arrow, use item-holding cancel lest failing to sneakstrike the first Bokoblin in time.
The golden Bokoblin gets freezed only in 3 seconds, so I freezed the silver one. And then sneakstrike the other Bokoblins by the way just shown.
The golden bokoblin is changing its consciousness state while the silver one is falling over. And then take the golden one's back quickly.
The third one will not be knocked away because it was freezed when being stunned on the ground.
While it's getting up with a short spring (restricted state), take its back quickly and sneakstrike it.
Indeed, freezing all of them, or sneakstrike them at once with crusher are easier ways to achieve it. I just introduce how to sneakstrike them with awareness machanism.
Crouch moving sometimes wakes sleeping monsters up,
even cause "non-sneakstrike scenario".
In this situation, we can approach them with low-speed moving.
Volume: crouch moving>low-speed moving and Lv.3 stealth boost
If we wear Sheikah Set, Ganon Set (DLC 2),
or eat Lv.3 stealth boost,
they won't get up as long as we don't sprint or touch them.
If we figure out the machanism of monsters' awareness, we can be an assassin without Sheikah Set, Ganon Set, or Lv.3 stealth boost.
By the way, raining equals Lv.2 stealth boost (not Lv.3).
Generally, in team fight, when we attack one of the monsters, the other monsters will face that attacked monster or the attack source.
But it is more complicated and there are some exceptions of team-fight restricted state. So...that's all for this phase!
Application – trial of the sword beginnign 10F
【Restricted】Lizalfos's blindspot
【Restricted】Lose hearing
【Restricted】Face the attack source
If you have any question, please comment no matter in English or Japanese.
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90 Folder Collection
Amy.Lin published on March 16, 2019
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