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- Jeremy is a garden snail.
At first glance, he looks like any other snail.
A bit small, perhaps.
And one of his tentacles is slightly askew.
But there's actually something remarkable about Jeremy
that makes him different from the rest.
His shell coils to the left.
Jeremy was discovered by a compost heap in southwest London.
A retired scientist spotted the extraordinary mollusk
and made a phone call to this man.
Well, this man being me.
Hi, there.
I'm Dr. Angus Davison.
I've been researching snails now for 20 years
and Jeremy might be the most unusual snail
I've ever encountered.
Most snail shells coil to the right.
Jeremy's left-coiling shell is exciting for us
because it's extremely rare.
It's an opportunity to research
whether or not he can pass his unique traits
on to his offspring.
Eventually, we may even be able to
apply our learnings to human beings.
But, in order to maximize the research,
we need Jeremy to reproduce.
Unfortunately, he's not the most seductive suitor.
Typically, a snail's sex organs
are on the right side of their head.
But, with Jeremy, his genitals are on the left.
This little mix-up makes things a bit awkward.
We tried pairing Jeremy with a few righties,
but I had no luck.
So, I went on the radio to make a casting call.
So, if you are really lucky
and you find one of these very rare left-coiling snails,
I'd love to hear from you.
I was pessimistic at first.
Snails like Jeremy are one in 100,000.
But, within a few days, the phone started ringing.
(phone ringing)
- Hi, I'm Jade Melton in Ipswich, Suffolk,
a snail enthusiast with over 300 snails.
And this one, Leftie,
might make the perfect match for Jeremy.
Leftie and Jeremy both have left-coiling shells
and genitals on the left side.
Right now, the two are resting,
but, once their energies are high enough,
we hope they'll mate and produce some eggs.
- We are looking for a connection
between the snails and their eggs.
A discovery could teach us something
about our own genetics.
And, if not, at least Jeremy, the left-coiled snail,
was able to find love.
And that's got to count for something.
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This Backward Snail Just Wants to Find Love

532 Folder Collection
許大善 published on March 16, 2019
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