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  • Any time I'm meeting someone new, it's always a big deal to people.

  • -They're always amazed that there's an actual person behind the voice. -"Hello, I'm here to help."

  • There was one Halloween where a child came to the front door and said, "all the neighbors say you're Siri."

  • And I said, "Yes I am."

  • And he said, "you don't sound like Siri."

  • And I said, (SIRI VOICE) "how about now."

  • Well I started off in this business as a singer, a musician.

  • And this was many years ago, when they used to do commercial jingles.

  • And they would have groups of people recording in the studio at the same time.

  • And I was one of those lucky folks.

  • One day the voice talent didn't show up, and the owner of the studio said, "Susan, you don't have an accent. Come over here and read this copy."

  • And I thought, okay

  • So I did that and I thought, well this is something I can do.

  • So I got a voice coach, and an agent, and that was that.

  • First time I appeared as a machine, or representing a machine, was for Tillie the all time teller for First National Bank of Atlanta.

  • And it was at a time when ATMs were just being introduced, and everyone was afraid to use them.

  • No one wanted to go get their money from a machine.

  • So they got me to sing the jingle as Tillie the all time teller.

  • (SINGSONG VOICE) I'm Tillie the all time teller. I work for First National Bank.

  • The vocabulary that ultimately became the original voice of Siri was recorded in 2005, the whole month of the July, 4 hours a day, five days a week.

  • And what we did was read hundreds and hundreds of sentences and phrases, that were created solely for sound.

  • And after the recordings were done, technicians went in and extracted sounds.

  • And reformed new phrases and sentences.

  • And these are what ended up on the digital devices.

  • This process is called concatenation.

  • And the thing that made Siri, the original Siri, so iconic is because she was the first concatenated voice that sounded pretty human, and you could interact with her.

  • Previously all the concatenated voices sounded like, hello, how are you?

  • The original Siri was introduced on October 14, 2011, and that's when I found out. A fellow voice actor emailed me and said, hey we're playing around with this new iPhone, Isn't this you?

  • And I went, what?

  • And I went to the Apple site and checked it out and said, yes that's me.

  • They changed all of the original Siri voices with the OS7 system.

  • And many people can't tell the difference but of course to me it is very obvious.

  • At this point in time because I have done so much digital recording, and I don't know whether that's a compliment or not, I ended up being on a lot of different systems.

  • Now calling zone 1.

  • Thank you for flying Delta Airlines.

  • I was the voice of my son's bank in college.

  • So you could imagine how popular I was with him at that time.

  • I'm sorry, you are overdrawn.

  • I've been doing voice work and singing for decades.

  • Shall we say decades

  • And I absolutely love it.

  • And I plan to do it as long as I possibly can.

  • I would like to say thank you to Oprah.

  • Thank you, Oprah.

  • Bye bye.

Any time I'm meeting someone new, it's always a big deal to people.

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