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Making your way evil today...
sure does take a lot.
Thinking of ways to distribute hate...
takes everything you've got...
Wouldn't you like to rule a place?
Sometimes you wanna go...
Where everybody hates your face!
And the villains share your rage!
You wanna be in the evil seat,
Heroes are all the same!
You wanna go where everybody hates your face!
*Sad Groan*
What's got you down big guy?
I just found out I'm not nominated for Best Picture.
WHAT?!!? That's outrageous!!!
I know!
It was the culmination of 10 years,
3 phases,
and almost 20 films!
All leading up to my entrance!!
It was finally your time.
It was my time!!!
I said I was gonna do it, and I did it!
Can anyone else say they wiped out HALF the universe?
Woo! Maybe you wiped out all the voters that liked it!
I know why you got snubbed!
It's because you killed Groot you big purple butt face!
He's uh, he's still not over that.
What's the big deal anyway?
Your story isn't even over yet.
Yeah. Plus it's rare.
Palps here hasn't seen an oscar in almost 40 years.
What do these movies have that I don't?
The Favourite - women fighting each other.
I had that!
Did you see the epic battle with all those lady heroes and Proxima Midnight?
Yeah. I'm just as sexy as Emma Stone and Rachel Weiss.
Vice - controversial and terrifying politics.
I mean, have they met me!?!
Oh I actually like that one!
Corrupting government is my jam.
Bohemian Rhapsody - timeless music and rebellious characters.
What do you think those dumb guardians are supposed to be?
I don't know, why don't you ask Groot?
That's right, you can't. Because he's dead!!!
or BlacKkKlansman - disrupting a hateful organization.
The Avengers have tried to disrupt me all the time!
I suppose.
But you have to admit Roma was kind of a masterpiece.
Oh yeah! Yes, yes. That was VERY GOOD.
Oh just because it was black and white and an intimate portrait with stunning cinematography and-
yeah, I guess it was pretty great.
But I'm on Netflix too you know!!!
Haha, not for long!
Uh, why is?
Don't mess with the mouse.
A Star is Born. For the THIRD time.
Oooh. A star. I can throw a moon!
A freaking MOON!
And had Bradley Cooper too.
You know who doesn't have Bradley Cooper?
You're not going to do that every time we mention the Guardians of the Galaxy.
We are Groot you guys!
What about Green Book though? Now there's a great film your story had nothing in common with.
No. But it does have Uncle Aaron from Spider-verse.
Which should also be nominated for Best Picture!!!
Yes, but it was animated AND a comic book movie.
It's so rare that comic book movies get oscar nominations.
Your film was nominated for eight oscars!!!
Oh yeah, hehehe!
But not best picture.
Unfortunately comic book movies just don't get nominated for best picture.
That's just the way it is.
Until now!!
Oh! That's incredible. I hope yours wins!
Oh yes, sorry Thanos.
Y'all gonna make me snap.
Ooooooh. hahahahahaha!
I'm sorry. It's still not the same.
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Villain Pub - Best Picture Summary (Oscars 2019)

216 Folder Collection
Liang Chen published on March 11, 2019    EmmaW translated    Evangeline reviewed
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