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  • Hej!

  • We know more and more people are living in small spaces, which means kids are sharing even smaller bedrooms.

  • So we challenged ourselves to make a fun, comfortable shared kids' room as small as possible for a 4 year old and an 8 year old.

  • The key is to create smart, safe solutions using age-based planning, personal spaces and adaptable furniture.

  • We started with a loft bed that's up high for the 8 year old.

  • Below, where it's easier to get in and out, we put in an extendable bed for the 4 year old.

  • Then we added personal storage above and under their beds.

  • Curtains give each kid a private space, and the bottom one detaches easily.

  • The loft bed comes with storage, so we made this a wardrobe corner for the 8 year old.

  • We filled the corner with hooks at different heights; a step stool helps reach the top rows.

  • A mirror is a mustespecially an unbreakable one.

  • The 8 year old's space continues with a spot for schoolwork; the desk adapts to height, too.

  • Kids learn by copying, so we made a similar work and play space for the 4 year old.

  • There's more play stuff here with a toy box on wheels and a doll's house that doubles as shelves.

  • It's not always fun to share, so we used colours to highlight personal space.

  • Then we added cabinets at adult-only height for storing stuff like seasonal clothes.

  • The 4-year-old needs a wardrobe, too, so we put in hooks at low heights.

  • And two shelving units that we painted for a personal touch.

  • These boxes don't have lids, so they're not tempting to climb.

  • It's a safety thing, just like window catches.

  • That's a lot of smart, fun solutions in one shared kid's room, but we squeezed it down to 6.7 square metres.

  • We had to build it of course.

  • Come on in, we'll show you how it's sharedand personal.

  • Different ages have different needs, so each kid can have important personal time in their cosy retreat.

  • ...Where they can keep secrets, too.

  • And hooks high up keep certain things out of the younger one's reach.

  • But some needs are the samelike proper spots for studying math books or colouring books.

  • They need space to play together, too, because they still do!

  • Most of all, they need secure, comfy beds so the whole family sleeps soundly.

  • Ready to find the possibilities in your small space?

  • Use age-based planning, personal spaces and adaptable furniture to make a safe, fun shared kid's room for growing up, not apart.

  • Happy playing!


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