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  • Hi, I'm Kerri.

  • I'm Dave, and this is EW's TV Recaps for March 11th.

  • You know How I Met Your Mother has delivered some painfully unfunny episodes this season.

  • But with only three episodes left before the series finale, I have to hand it to them for

  • an epic surprise last night.

  • Yeah….

  • You guys - Lily is totally pregnant.

  • "We're going to have a baby

  • And the baby's name is Daisy and she's really beautiful and oh my God I CAN'T STOP


  • I know, this was such a fun surprise, and the way they slowly unraveled the secret reminded

  • me a lot of Barney's Final Play when he proposed to Robin, it was so great.

  • Yes!

  • It was funny, and sweet, and smart and just the kind of way I want to remember How I Met

  • Your Mother.

  • I am so happy that Lily and Marshall and their family all end up living in Rome.

  • They've always been the emotional center of the show for me, and it feels like the

  • writers did right by them.

  • So a lot of fans have been speculating online about the meaning of that final scene with

  • Robin and her mom.

  • "…Someone you can depend on you're gonna be fine.

  • Have you got someone like that?"

  • "I do."

  • Oooh do you think Robin's talking about Ted and not Barney?

  • Maybe

  • Maybe that's what causes the CODE RED in the next episode?!?

  • Agh, I can't wait to find out!

  • Speaking of code red, (SIREN NOISE) How I Met Your Hunk Alert

  • The Captain was back last night, and I feel like the show really missed out on a great

  • opportunity in making a Captain Phillips joke.

  • Like, look at me, I was once Agent Dale Cooper, but I'm the Captain now.

  • Uh Kerri.

  • That was a terrible joke.

  • I'm sorry but I have no choice to do this - you've forced my hand.



  • Marshall.

  • Ow, my nose.

  • Kerri, I had this whole bit written for the end but it's not on the teleprompter.

  • I wonder what happened to it?

  • This sounds like a job for...

  • Don't say it!

  • "Mosby booooys

  • Ugh

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Hi, I'm Kerri.

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