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I'm Eric Armstrong and I'm the
Radiation safety program manager
I also serve as the University's
Radiaiton safety officer and laser safety officer
The largest program area within radiation safety
Is radioactive materials
This includes 50 principle investigators
285 research staff and 233 locations
On the Iowa State University campus
Contamination monitoring is required
To maintain our license conditions
But makes good sense as a way to manage
Radiaiton exposure
Radiation workers are exposed to
Radiaiton and this can add to their
Lifetime cancer risk
By reducing radiation exposure through monitoring
We can imrpove the health of workers
Who rely on radioactive materials to complete their work
The radiation hazard of radioactive materials
Has the potential to impact areas beyond the lab
Material can migrate from containment
And once uncontained this material has the potential
To move outside the lab to public areas
To cars, and buses, even homes where it can expose the public
It should be the goal of all staff
Using radioactive material to ensure that radiation
Exposure is kept as low as possible
To themselves and the general public
One of the most important services the
Radiation safety group provides is
Radiation contamination and exposure monitoring
Monitoring is completed to evaluate and minimize
Risk from the use of radioactive material
Upon arriving to the lab
Monitoring is completed in two phases
The first phase involves a meter survey
To assess areas greater that background levels
And to assess and radiation exposure hazards
Meter selection is determined by the types of
Materials that are contained in the lab
And may require more than one type of meter
To go ahead and take the survey
The second monitoring phase includes
Collecting a series of smears to
Monitor for removable contamination
And to check for materials that can not
Be detected with portable instruments
Smear samples are collected from work areas
Equipment, enterences, and areas with
Potential loose material such as door handles
Faucets, and refridgerators
Once the lab survey is completed the smears are
Returned to EH&S for further analysis
Using proportional and liquid simulation counters
Through smear sampling the radioactivity of an area
Can be derived and analyzed for decontamination
Contamination monitoring improves the labs ability
To keep exposures as low as possible
While the workers reap the greatest benefits
From good monitoring practices, we are also
Protecting the public from the invisible hazard
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Environmental Health and Safety - Radiation Monitoring

102 Folder Collection
郭玉梅 published on February 28, 2019
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