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You are unique.
You are different.
You are special.
We definitely get that.
We understand everything about you.
Especially the way you talk online.
Like totes,
And join the conversation.
You say that, right?
The point is, you are free.
Free from words with vowels in them.
Free from the restraints of natural hair color.
Your hair is totally pink.
You dance all the time.
On the street,
in your room,
and definitely with your eclectic group of friends.
Wow, Ephram plays the ukulele!
That's unexpected.
But that's just how millennials roll,
according to our thought leaders.
Also, you LOVE peace. Love. It.
Which is why you keep having peace parties on the street where you express yourself with colorful signs,
and spontaneous displays of patriotism.
We think our products are great for peace parties.
Another thing about you is that you NEVER sleep.
You are up til dawn, but you're high on life, not drugs or anything like that!
You are super happy with no drugs, no alcohol, and no ugly faces.
That's what we like, too!
Here's an emoji that you've been known to use.
See? We get it.
You are also determined because you can't be held down.
And you have just one night to make it happen.
What is "it"?
No, seriously.
Will you tell us so we can depict it in our ads?
We know you care about causes.
Us too!
That's why we made our 100% plastic products 10% smaller that one time.
And, gender is it difficult for us to understand this one!
We're just gonna go ahead and pass, and hope you don't notice.
But we do hope you notice we made our brand rainbow colored for Pride week!
What can we say, we're bold like that.
Hashtag bold like that.
Hashtag BLT.
Can we do that?
Most of all, you guys are having fun.
Fun with your phones.
Fun with your apps.
Can you remind us of the new cool app everyone is using again?
We totes know, but we just wanted to see if you know!
Wait, where are you going?
Is this a BRB?
Are you swiping left on us?
No problem, we've focus grouped this scenario.
And we shall BRB as well.
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This Is a Generic Millennial Ad

106 Folder Collection
michelle published on February 23, 2019
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