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• Where do couples hook up by tripping each
other on the dance floor?

What culture trains their men from age 13
to be sex experts?

We take a look at 10 of the most extreme sexual
traditions from all over the world.

10 – No Kissing
• In Mozambique, the Tonga tribe considers

the act of kissing to be disgusting and unhygienic,
since it involves swapping saliva.

• But that kissing ban isn't even an act
of sexual repression.

The Tonga have no qualms at all with public
or ritualistic sex.

That's totally cool, but kissing is way
over the line.

• Turns out, that's not entirely unique
to them.

About half of the world's societies find
kissing to be gross.

9 – No Sex in the Daytime
• Polyamory isn't especially rare in world

culture, but one South African culture puts
odd limits on it.

• Basically, the rule here is, you can have
sex with whoever you want… as long as it's

at night.
Apparently, having sex during the day makes
you some kind of sub-human animal, whether

you're married or not.
• There are exceptions, of course.
If there's a thunderstorm, you've just
had a bad dream, or if a man has just returned

from slaying a crocodile, python, or hyena,
all bets are off.

• In that case, you can jump those bones
anywhere, anytime.

8 – Temporary Marriages
• In some Islamic sects, particularly in

Iran, people pride themselves in finding loopholes
in the rules of the religion.

• In Iran, unmarried couples who so much
as hold hands in public can be arrested, fined,

or flogged.
• That's why they introduced the temporary
marriage license.

It's like a marriage with a set expiration
date, ranging from a few minutes to several

Some couples use it as a “trial marriage”
before committing fully, so they can do all

the things married couples can do.
• However, some just use it as a cover to
basically legalize prostitution.

7 – One Time at Ghotul
• The Muria people of India take sex education

very seriously.
In their culture, young people are given free
reign at night to explore their sexuality,

in a youth-run organization known as a “Ghotul.”
• During the day, the Ghotul is like a school
for social values, discipline and responsibility.

But at night, all the young people in the
village get to go have sex with each other.

• Now, it isn't just a big orgy.
There are rules.
No person can ever be forced into sex if they
don't feel ready.

Also, people must regularly rotate sexual

No two people can have sex more than two or
three times in a row, and nobody can be left

• It's meant to help people find marriage
partners, but also to curb feelings of jealousy

and possessiveness at a young age.
6 – Sex with Your Undies On
• On the isolated Irish island of Inis Baeg

(better known as Inisheer), sex is basically
considered evil and unhealthy.

• The level of sexual repression here was
so extreme, bathing alone was considered sinful,

simply because it involves nudity.
It was considered too sexual for parents to
hug their children, because it involved bodily

Married couples considered sexual intercourse
a “necessary evil” that must be “endured”

for procreation.
• But just to make sure nobody enjoyed it,
couples had sex in the dark and almost fully

clothed, just pulling the necessary pieces
out of their underwear.

• Even dogs were whipped for licking themselves.
But don't worry, what they lacked in sex,
they made up for in drinking, fights, and

furious masturbation.
5 – Where Cheating is Totally Cool
• Indonesians have a festival called Pon,

in which they climb up a sacred mountain to
have extramarital sex, seven times a year.

• Naturally, the mountain is now generally
known as Sex Mountain.

• Thing is, this is accepted as completely
normal and socially, doesn't even really

count as cheating.
• If someone makes the pilgrimage all seven
times and has sex on the mountain all seven

times, they're said to be blessed with good

But only if they had sex with the same person
every time – and it's not their spouse.

4 – Training for Orgasms
• At age 13, the boys of Mangaia island
undergo a sort of circumcision ritual, and

are isolated from the rest of the village.
For the next two weeks, they get nonstop sexual
instruction from an older man, regarding positions,

techniques, and restraint.
• After that two-week period ends, they
enter a relationship with an experienced woman,

who continues his education from there.
• Women, are also taught about the best
ways to enjoy sex, and are encouraged to sleep

with as many men as possible.
They may have multiple boyfriends between
the ages of 13 and 20.

That way they can find someone most sexually
compatible with them.

• Orgasm for both parties is considered
the goal of sex, and couples are expected

to share 2-3 orgasms every night, each.
If a man can't bring his partner to climax,
it's considered a mark of village-wide shame.

3 – Tripping Your Partner
• The Guajiro people of Columbia have a

ritual fertility dance in which a man and
women dance around each other.

• The man dances while stepping backwards,
while the woman chases after him.

• The woman's goal is to trip the man
by stepping on his feet.

If she manages to trip him, the two of them
must have sex that night.

2 – Women Pick From a Lineup
• The Wodaabe people of middle Africa have

to put on one of the most intense beauty pageants
in the world.

• Only in this ritual, it's the women
judging the men.

Men spend all day getting their hair, makeup
and dresses ready, and are judged by a panel

of women.
• Women who are spectators to the event
can tap a man on the shoulder if she likes

That means they're married now – even
if the man was already married to someone

No worries though – women can have as many
husbands as they want.

1 – Masturbating into the Nile River
• The Ancient Egyptians believed that the

Nile River was formed by the ejaculation of
Atum, the God of Creation.

• The Pharaohs of Egypt were, themselves,
considered to be godly.

So, they devised a ritual, where the Pharaohs
of Egypt would jerk off into the Nile River.

• The idea was that continuing to replenish
the river's divine supply of semen would

ensure that the banks stay high.
Or, put differently, it was to make sure the
Nile stayed “fertile.”

Okay guys, which of these sexual practices
would weird you out the most?

Let us know what you think in the comments
below, and we'll pin our favorite to the

top, like we do.
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10 Most Shocking Sexual Traditions That Still Exist

8673 Folder Collection
Zenn published on February 19, 2019
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