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Long, long ago, we were the slaves of the Urgoth.
And eventually after much strife, we broke free.
And so we made our walls high, and our conviction strong.
But there are many dangers,
No one can survive
out there on their own.

We found her last night. In the jungle…
They said she must
have been out there for years.

It's not possible.
I always knew this day would come…
A new beginning.
You'll get your son back,
you have my word.

And yet, new enemies would be forged.
A line would be crossed.
Things would never
return to the way before.

Where. Is. She?
Look deeper and you will see.
Visions Kali…
Your history, your future.
A life unlived…
You backstabbing rat! You sold us out!
I never should have trusted you!
She's in the middle of it...
That's not possible...
The Anthem swims
through your mind…

It knows you.
It knows us all.
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700 Folder Collection
李益帆 published on February 18, 2019
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