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  • Our story is about a town, a small town,

  • and the people who live in the town.

  • My name is Cole Sprouse, and I play a character

  • called Jughead Jones.

  • Jughead's like really film noir in this sort of,

  • sardonic, sarcastic, schemy, a little more toned down,

  • a little more creepy kind of Jughead.

  • He's a thinker and you can tell and he spends a lot

  • of time in the diner, I can say that.

  • What are you working on?

  • My novel.

  • He's a budding writer.

  • He's definitely watching what's going on in Riverdale

  • from an objective point of view that probably not

  • too many people have.

  • I don't think Jughead believes anything until

  • the facts are given to him.

  • He's a sleuth.

  • Jughead is inherently adverse to authority figures,

  • and characters who think they deserve a lot.

  • He's the guy that will play devil's advocate in a group

  • and poke and prod to see if someone's actually

  • telling the truth or not.

  • I don't think he cares enough about how people view him

  • to really ally himself with anyone without offending

  • them a little bit.

  • - Come here you little.

  • - Shut the hell up, Reggie.

  • - I'm kind of terrified I lost my best friend tonight.

  • - Whatever happened, just talk to her.

  • Go a long way.

  • Would've gone a long way with me.

  • Archie had done a real wrong to Jughead,

  • and they're clearly great friends, and I think that

  • that's something that they're going to be dealing with

  • in oncoming episodes undoubtedly.

  • They're at a really critical point where the show kicks off.

  • Small town life in Riverdale is about to get a little

  • more interesting and whether it's in a good or a bad way

  • is going to be seen.

  • (orchestral music)

Our story is about a town, a small town,

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Riverdale (The CW) Cole Sprouse Interview HD

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