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I wanted to be
a father
a husband
all the things I thought the future held when I was with you
all the things I had to forget
when I said good bye to you at the stones
to care for Willie
for Brianna
watch them grow up
to show them how to be in the world
I wanted to fill this house with our children
hand down the good Fraser name
It's your father
I cannot wait to meet you
What you don't ken
you'll learn
we'll learn
I do love you, you know
I love you too
Mo nighean donn
God, you look so like him
She has your red hair
like her sister
We all have our secrets
yours is walking around
anyone with half an eye can see it
You're a braw laddy
You're so wee
Do not fash yourself
I'm here
The boy has the same cock to his head
same set to his shoulders
he has your eyes
It won't be long before young Willie sees it himself
My brother Willie
gave me one just like it
I hedged your name
on the bottom, see ?
Wee bastard, that's my snake
You're a soldier now
mon fils
Do not fash Joanie
I love you and your sister
and I'll always look after you
Must you surely go Mack ?
Do not fash lad
Do you remember me ?
Do you remember the day you left Helwater ?
I ran to you
But you did not look back at me
Why did you not look back at me ?
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Outlander - Jamie and Claire - Blood of my Blood

98 Folder Collection
Epaphras published on February 13, 2019
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