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Hello everyone and welcome.
Today we study "She's like the Wind", the column
sound of Dirty Dancing.

I tried to even out the rhythm with
classical rhythm Down Down Up Up Down Up

only for the introduction of'll pinnate freer,
simple down.

As for the chorus just
playing simple strums down up any agreement.

G B- E- G C9 then return to the situation

I also added a little arpeggio
in the original version it is played by the piano.

The notes are these G 3 of the button 1

And an empty one open string,
C 1 of 2 fret

F # 2 on the first fret
and close with G 3 of the button 1

rope to repeat it.
Repeat 2 times here and then we
the same thing, but instead of playing

C 1 of the key 2 play rope
the second open string.

As I see the E-load the sound always
associated with the G key 3 1 of the rope.

Sound G the second note the lego always
in this way

I ask you to join the channel if you have
yet I have done and maybe put a LIKE.

See you next Tutorial.
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She's Like The Wind - Patrick Swayze - Dirty Dancing - Easy Guitar Lesson

466 Folder Collection
zxc9274 published on February 6, 2019
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