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hi this is Jennifer from Tarle speech
with your pronunciation question a

little disclaimer I do not speak Korean
and this video is going to be about two

words that I am asked a lot about how do
I say the word career or your occupation

and Korea the country I am sure that in
the country of Korea I am pronouncing

their country completely wrong however I
am going to teach you how to say this in

American English and surprisingly this
question comes from a lot of my Korean

students and viewers so here you go

all right we're number one is ka rear
key here is we are going to have two

syllables ka rear for the second word
Korea the country we're going to have 3

syllables most often I hear people say
ka re ah I also hear people say core e

uh in both cases the big difference here
is that we are going to use 3 syllables

for the country and 2 for the occupation
so listen to those words again career

career career Korea Korea Korea career
Korea the diplomat had a long career in

Korea give it a try
I know people are going to notice the

difference if you have a comment please
leave it in the comment section below

but again keep in mind I am only
teaching you in American English so

please no comments on how I pronounced
it wrong so I'm sure I totally

pronounced it incorrectly when you
pronounce it in different countries if

you liked this video found it helpful
please give us a like and a share and a

if you haven't already and take a hop on

over to Tarle speech to see our
classes and our products that we offer

thank you so much and I hope to see you
again soon

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How to Pronounce KOREA & CAREER - American English Pronunciation Lesson

361 Folder Collection
Caurora published on February 3, 2019
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