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  • hi this is Jennifer from Tarle speech with your pronunciation question a

  • little disclaimer I do not speak Korean and this video is going to be about two

  • words that I am asked a lot about how do I say the word career or your occupation

  • and Korea the country I am sure that in the country of Korea I am pronouncing

  • their country completely wrong however I am going to teach you how to say this in

  • American English and surprisingly this question comes from a lot of my Korean

  • students and viewers so here you go everybody

  • all right we're number one is ka rear key here is we are going to have two

  • syllables ka rear for the second word Korea the country we're going to have 3

  • syllables most often I hear people say ka re ah I also hear people say core e

  • uh in both cases the big difference here is that we are going to use 3 syllables

  • for the country and 2 for the occupation so listen to those words again career

  • career career Korea Korea Korea career Korea the diplomat had a long career in

  • Korea give it a try I know people are going to notice the

  • difference if you have a comment please leave it in the comment section below

  • but again keep in mind I am only teaching you in American English so

  • please no comments on how I pronounced it wrong so I'm sure I totally

  • pronounced it incorrectly when you pronounce it in different countries if

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  • thank you so much and I hope to see you again soon

hi this is Jennifer from Tarle speech with your pronunciation question a

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How to Pronounce KOREA & CAREER - American English Pronunciation Lesson

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    Caurora posted on 2019/02/03
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