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In this video, let's take a look at editing midi and audio clips in the Arrangement view.
In the Arrangement view in Live, audio and midi clips can be split or consolidated.
To split an audio or midi clip
simply click into the Arrangement view until the Insert marker is visible.
Go to the drop-down menu under Edit and select Split.
You can also use the keyboard shortcut Cmd E on a Mac
or Ctrl E on Windows.
If you'd like to consolidate two or more clips, click into the Arrangement view song position
and select the clips you wish to consolidate.
Go to the Edit drop-down menu and select Consolidate.
You can also use the keyboard shortcut...
Cmd J on a Mac
or Ctrl J on Windows.
If you wish to deactivate a portion of the clip or an entire clip
simply click into the Arrangement view
and select the portion of the clip you'd like to deactivate, or the entire clip,
and then right-click and select Deactivate Clip.
The shortcut to deactivate clips is 0 on your computer keyboard.
Audio and midi clips can be copied from one place to another within the Arrangement view.
To do this, simply select the clip or a portion of the clip
and hold down the Alt button on your computer keyboard
and then drag the clip to the new song position.
Once you have a copy of the clip in the right position in the arrangement view
release the track pad or mouse for the clip to be implemented there.
If you drag a copy of the clip into an empty space in the Arrangement view
an exact duplicate of that track will be created along with the clip.
An entire audio clip or a section of an audio clip can be reversed
simply by creating a selection or selecting the entire clip
and pressing R on your computer keyboard.
To scrub the contents of an entire clip...
hold down Cmd Shift on a Mac
or Ctrl Alt Shift on a PC
and then click and drag the contents of the clip to the left or to the right.
At the beginning and end of all audio clips in the Arrangement view
there's an adjustable control for the volume fade.
These controls are available to all audio clips in the Arrangement view
provided that the automation mode is toggled off.
To enable a fade, simply click and drag to the opposite edge of the clip.
If you'd like to change the slope of the fade, click and drag the slope handle.
If you'd like to create a crossfade between two audio clips that are adjacent to each other,
click and drag from one clip to the opposite end of the clip to create the crossfade.
Crossfades also have slope handles.
Click and drag the slope handle to change the curve of the crossfades.
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Learn Live 10: Editing clips in Arrangement View

49 Folder Collection
Tan Jun Yu published on January 31, 2019
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