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- What's up, Thenx athletes?
This is Magga Braco, and
today I'm gonna show you

a beginner workout to start calisthenics.
(intense electronic music)
Okay guys, before we start this workout,
it's really important to
build a strong foundation

with the basics so we can move
into harder and more difficult exercise.
This workout will consist of five
basic calisthenics exercises.
I will be showing you
progressions to these exercises

so anyone can complete this
workout at any fitness level.

Alright, let's get this workout started.
First exercise,
(knife blade slash)

Let me show you what that looks like.
(slow hip hop music)
Okay guys, if you can't do this pull-up,
there's always a progression
for each exercise.

The easier progression for this one is
(knife blade slash)
jumping pull-up.

(slow electronic music)
- [Woman] Heria Music.
- Okay guys, if you can't do this,
there is an easier
progression that you can do.

(knife blade slash)
It's Australian pull-ups.

Okay, for this one we're
gonna need a lower bar.

Let's do it.
(slow hip hop music)
- [Woman] Heria Music.
- Alright guys, the next exercise is
(knife blade slash)

This exercise could be
tough for beginners,

but don't worry, there is
always easier progressions.

Okay, lemme show you what it looks like.
(Upbeat guitar music)
Okay, if you can't do this,
(knife blade slash)
try negative dips.

(intense hip hop music)
(heavy breathing)
Okay, if you still have problem
with this one, you can do

(knife blade slash)
assisted dips.

You're gonna need a resistance band.
Put your hands over the band
and try it.
(slow hip hop music)
Dips done.
Next exercise,
(knife blade slash)
hanging L-sit hold.

Lemme show you what it looks like.
(intense electronic music)
Okay, if you can only hold this
for a couple seconds, that's okay.
Try this easier progression,
(knife blade slash)
tuck L-sit hold.

(intense hip hop music)
Okay, if you wanna have a
better L-sit hold, try these

(knife blade slash)
leg raises.

(slow electronic music)
Okay, next exercise is
gonna be my favorite,

(knife blade slash)

Lemme show you what that looks like.
(slow electronic music)
Keep your core tight.
If this is kind of hard for you,
we have an easy progression.
(knife blade slash)
Knees push-ups.

(slow electronic music)
Okay, we reach the last exercise,
(knife blade slash)
box jumps.

For this one, we're gonna
need a box, like this one.

(box sliding)
Okay, for this exercise,
you need to be careful.

If this is too high,
find that lower surface.

(intense electronic music)
Okay guys, if you don't have
something to jump on, we have

(knife blade slash)
jump squats.

(soft hip hop music)
- [Woman] Heria Music.
- Okay, if you can't do jump squats,
(knife blade slash)
do squats.

(soft hip hop music)
- [Woman] Heria Music.
Heria Music.
- Alright guys, that completes
the best beginner routine
to start calisthenics.

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♪ The way I make you feel,
like you just cut the back ♪

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you know that I am ♪

♪ I ain't tryin' a brag ♪
♪ I'ma be patient ♪
♪ Patient ♪
♪ Money won't come when it want to ♪
♪ I'ma be patient ♪
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Best Beginner Routine To Start Calisthenics

636 Folder Collection
王國隴 published on January 31, 2019
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