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-Our first guest tonight
is an Academy Award-winning actress
you know from such films as "Les Miserables," "Oceans 8,"
and "The Devil Wears Prada."
She's currently starring in "Serenity,"
which is in theaters this Friday.
Let's take a look.
-My husband is joining me here the day after tomorrow.
I told him that I would charter a boat for fishing tuna.
I want you to take him out on your boat,
let him get drunk...
then drop him in the ocean for the sharks.
-Please welcome back to the show Anne Hathaway, everyone!
[ Cheers and applause ]
-Hey! -How are you?
-I'm so good, thank you. -It's wonderful to see you.
I have to say, sometimes you show a clip from a movie,
and people can't glean the plot from it.
But that really laid it out. [ Laughter ]
But this has been a movie
that's been shrouded in secrecy, to some degree.
-Yeah. Yeah. -So, has it been hard for you
to talk about it even during the filming of it?
-It wasn't hard during the filming of it.
It's a twisted movie with a lot of twists.
-Uh-huh. -So, that part's just been
really -- [ Laughter ]
What happened?
Oh, man, it went over my head.
So, yeah. So in that sense, I don't know,
it's been kind of fun gleaning into the mystery
and not giving too much away.
-A lot of this movie takes place on a boat.
-Yes. -And because of that,
I imagine that you, on long days of shooting,
where you're on a boat in the middle of the ocean,
you want to bring essentials onto the boat.
Were there things you had to have over the course of the day?
-Oh, yeah. I love being out on boats,
so thankfully, I didn't need to bring any Dramamine
or anything like that. -Yeah.
-So, I was like, "Okay. What do I want?
I'll probably want a book for in between takes."
And what else? Well, sunscreen's a good idea.
I'm gonna bring an espresso machine."
-Wow. -'Cause I just thought,
"We're gonna be out there all day long,
and I bet they're not gonna have great coffee on the crew boat."
And so, I'm like, "I'm gonna have an espresso machine,
and everybody's gonna be tired, but it's gonna be okay,
'cause I'm gonna show up with this Nespresso for them.
By the way, I'm not shilling for Nespresso right now.
[ Laughter ]
I'm not taking over for George. So, anyways...
So, I show up thinking that I'm gonna do this great thing,
and I'm like, "Hey, guys,
where can I plug in my Nespresso machine."
They're like, "This is a movie boat.
You can't plug it in anywhere. This isn't real."
And I was like, "Okay. Well, what do we do?"
They said, "Hold on."
And they bring this massive generator --
this, like, gas-powered generator onto the boat.
They're like, "Hang on! Hathaway wants coffee!"
[ Laughter ] -"Rrrrr!"
And then just this nice thing that I wanted to do for everyone
turned into the biggest diva request of all time.
I was so embarrassed. -Just based on the gas alone,
each cup of espresso is like $45.
-So, terrible. [ Laughter ]
Mama Earth. -You shot in Mauritius, yes?
-Yes. -I'm saying that right, I hope.
-Mauritius -- yes, you are. -And you have --
We have children, very similar ages.
Did you bring your son with you? -Yes, of course.
Yeah, we were there -- It was so far away,
and we were there for a long time.
-And did he enjoy it? Was --
I think we're like days apart. When was your --
-March 24th. -And March 27th.
So, really, they're the same. They're the same child.
[ Laughter ]
But my son loves the beach and things like that, swimming.
-Is yours there, as well? Does he like those things?
-Oh, yeah, he loves it.
He was really into "Moana" at the time.
Your son's Ash, right? -Yeah.
-Was he into "Moana"? -He does not know who Moana is.
-Well, my son had a crush on Moana.
-Wow. My son's playing hard-to-get.
[ Laughter ]
-So, my son thought --
We took him to Mauritius, which is paradise.
It's so beautiful.
And so, I think he thought that we were in Motunui.
And then, I don't know if you've ever seen a picture
of Matthew McConaughey's wife, but she is the most drop-dead
gorgeous Brazilian woman,
and she kind of looks like Moana.
So, my son was like, "What is happening?
What is this crystal ocean and her?"
And so Camila would come around, and my son would just, like,
get this look on his face.
And I realized he was completely in love with her.
-That's fantastic! -Yeah.
-Does he have -- How's his sense of humor?
Because that has been my favorite thing to watch develop.
-He's delightful.
He's delightful, and he loves laughing.
He's a generous laugher. -That's nice.
-You know, we were at the park.
I was at the park with him just before this.
And you know that you do that thing where
you kind of be a monster and you come at them really slowly,
and they just fill up with joy and joy,
and then they can't keep it in and they laugh.
So, that was really sweet. What does Ash do?
-Ash is -- we feel as though,
the other day, we got our first joke,
which is, my wife made him breakfast,
and he ate the whole thing, and then he was went,
"Who made this breakfast?"
[ Laughter ]
And that made us laugh.
And then before we could answer, he goes, "Maybe a monkey?"
[ Laughter ]
And you're like, "Every part of that,"
I'm like, "that's fantastic." -That's fantastic.
-That's gonna crush harder with us right now
than anything I do tonight.
-So, I'm prepping a character right now,
and she's really animated in her facial expressions,
and I was wearing -- We had to do a test
and we didn't have the right wig,
so my hair looked a little weird.
And so I'm FaceTiming with Jonathan, and I'm like,
"Maybe I can just practice the facial expressions on him."
So, I'm doing it for him, and I give him this big smile,
and he goes, "Mama, what are you doing?"
[ Laughter ]
I was like, "Okay.
Maybe I'll tone it down a little bit.
-Yeah, if you lose your 2 1/2-year-old,
you've lost the whole country. -Definitely.
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Anne Hathaway Had An Accidental Diva Moment on the Set of Serenity

143 Folder Collection
Jingjiang Li published on January 27, 2019
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