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High heels.
They're the type of shoes that are supposed to make girls feel really beautiful and glamorous.
And yeah, for the most part they do!
But then there are those girls who are embarrassingly uncoordinated, and they have the complete opposite effect!
I'm one of those girls...
Whenever I try on shoes that have a heel of more than 3 inches, I become a hazard to everything around me, and I will most likely fall over and break something.
Now, I'm pretty tall already, being almost 5'7", so I don't really need the extra height.
But there are those situations where I'm going to a fun dance with some friends and I wanna have some cute shoes to match a dress or a little outfit I'm wearing.
So...heels become a big option.
I go to the store, I try some on, and I pretty much look like I'm trying to walk a tightrope, at the circus.
My ankles wobble back and forth; I lose all capabilities of balancing.
And my arms always stick out awkwardly just in case I have to catch myself because of my obvious problem with these stupid shoes.
If you want a visual, basically imagine a giraffe that was just born.
And someone strap roller skates to its hooves and is trying to teach it roller skates across the street.
It just doesn't work.
Actually, my mum finds my heel problem...hilarious.
And whenever we're out shopping or looking for shoes,
it doesn't even have to be heels, she always tries to make me put on some...
Ridiculous 10-inch heels that this stores has that are basically at the same angle of Mt. Everest that no mortal should ever able to walk in.
Just so she can laugh at me, probably break my neck, walking down the aisles.
Basically I tried to avoid heels as much as possible.
Actually it's pretty funny.
The first homecoming dance I ever went to, I wore Converse shoes, just to avoid any possible injuries.
So if you ever see me at like a dance or something really formal, you can expect me to be wearing anything but heels.
For your, and everyone else's safety.
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I Hate High Heels

552 Folder Collection
Jessieeee published on January 25, 2019    Jessieeee translated    Evangeline reviewed
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